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Anime Voice Over Work: The Challenges of Being an Anime Voice Actor #VONotes

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Chris Edgerly is here again with the eleventh video in the #VONotes series and today he’s talking about the challenges of being an anime voice actor! The #VONotes series is a video series designed to answer questions that you might have about the voice acting industry and offers some great tips and references for any aspiring voice actor! If you missed the first few videos in the #VONotes series you can catch up on thoseĀ here.

Anime Voice Over Work: The Challenges of Being an Anime Voice Actor #VONotes

What’s up, everybody? It’s Chris Edgerly with another #VONote and today I’m gonna talk about the wild and wonderful world of anime and voice acting in it.

Anime is a Japanese genre of animation that has found quite a nice home here in the United States, with rich diverse characters, really complicated storylines, and very very devoted and loyal fanbases.

Now, the thing about anime is when it’s dubbed into English, you need voice actors that can not just handle the character but the technical challenge of it because those lines of dialogue have to be rewritten to fit into a very specific timeframe – that’s the case with any kind of foreign dubbing. Matching the words to the character’s moving lips so that it doesn’t look too crazy out of sync.

Here’s a couple of quick examples of work I’ve done in this field…

Chris Edgerly as Cid Highwind: “Arghh, she’s a beaut! My Shera, the latest model. I’ll give you the grand tour afterward!”

Chris Edgerly as Hidan: *Evil laugh* “Oh man, That’s a very great sin, I’m afraid! Can’t be forgiven, no matter what. Now you unbeliever, it’s time to die!

I really enjoyed voicing the character of Cid Highwind for Final Fantasy and definitely Hidan for Naruto. Hidan is probably the most despicable character I’ve ever voiced and he tends to get a pretty strong reaction from people online.

Like I said, it’s a very rich, diverse world, and it’s a really fun one to explore as a voice actor.

I look forward to any anime that comes my way in the future.

I hope this has answered a couple of questions for you, and if you have any, put them in the comments section below and hit that subscribe button so you can see more of these #VONotes as I make them!