Chris Edgerly VO Commercials You Might Have Missed!

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Chris Edgerly VO

Chris Edgerly VO actor has hundreds of vocal profiles in his repertoire but sometimes it can be hard to spot the voice actor under his diverse character portrayals. Here are some Chris Edgerly VO commercials that you might have missed or seen but not even known that it was Chris!

Chris Edgerly VO Commercials You Might Have Missed!

Pier One Commercial

If you’re a Pier One fan then you may have caught this commercial, but we bet you didn’t know that the voice behind that feather ruffling rooster is Chris Edgerly! He certainly knows how to give a wooden rooster a little bit of personality!

Met Life Commercial

“Put your phone in the game!” This MetLife commercial for their prize-winning game app features a familiar voice that you just might recognize if you listen really carefully!

Assassins Creed III Commercial

If you’re a fan of the Assassins Creed commercial then you will have caught this commercial for Assassins Creed III and guess whose voice features prominently? Yup, It’s Chris Edgerly!

Best Buy Commercial

Best Buy always has great deals for college students when it comes time to move into the dorms and who better to tell you all about them than Chris Edgerly VO actor?

Timberland PRO® Commercial

“When your feet hurt, your work suffers” It’s the slogan of the Timberland PRO line and a message delivered in this commercial featuring the voice of Chris Edgerly! Watch employees with tired feet blame a mysterious stuntman named Fernando for smudging paint around the warehouse floor despite the paint being smeared all over the wheels of the warehouse forklift!

Timberland PRO® Commercial

Another great commercial from the Timberland Pro line, this tall tale commercial about how new cement came to be completely ruined is another one voices by Chris Edgerly VO actor! We have to admit that we love this commercial the most out of the Timberland Pro commercials that Chris narrated, don’t you?

IHop Nutcracker Halloween Commercial

Who doesn’t love Nutcrackers? Listen carefully as these two nutcrackers discuss their intentions to dress up as nutcrackers for Halloween (what else would nutcrackers dress up as?) and you’ll hear a familiar friendly voice!

Levi’s Men’s 501 CT Commercial

If you managed to catch this commercial for Levi’s 501 CT jeans, you might recognize that familiar voice over as Chris Edgerly!

Helzberg Diamonds Commercial

This Valentine’s Day commercial for Helzberg diamonds sells their Valentine’s Day special box of chocolates with a diamond heart pendant in the center of the box. Recognize that voice over? Yup, it’s none other than Chris Edgerly!

Purina Commercial

Remember this Purina commercial? Who could forget that adorable kid running around in a cape with his superhero pup by his side? If you don’t remember this one, check it out and listen for Chris as the commercial’s narrator!

Don’t Pay Much Attention to Commercials?

If you find yourself fast-forwarding through commercials or missing them entirely since you gave up cable TV you can still hear Chris Edgerly in plenty of his other voice-over roles in the videos on his personal YouTube channel! Over there you’ll find Chris in TV, movie, and video game roles including his roles as Peter Potamus in Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law, Boris in the animated movie “Outback“, Captain Caveman in Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law, Elfred in Sofia the First, Senator Geary in the Godfather 2 video game, Cid Highwind in the Final Fantasy VII: Avent Children video game, Camo in Disney’s animated movie “The Wild”, Nick Diamond on the claymation TV series “Celebrity Deathmatch”, Agent Haskett on “Wolverine and the X-men”, Ventralis on the video game “Mass Effect”, Steve Boston on the animated TV show “Duck Dodgers”, Gobber on the animated TV show “Dragons:Riders of Berk”, various voices from the animated TV show favorite “The Simpsons“, and you’ll even run across a video of voice matches that Chris put together to have a little fun with some of his favorite voice profiles and celebs!

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