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Chris Edgerly Voice Acting Artist Answers Your Questions on Twitter

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Chris Edgerly voice acting

Chris Edgerly, voice acting artist, spends a lot of time on his Twitter feed interacting with his followers. One of the things that he really enjoys doing is sharing his experiences with and encouraging aspiring voice actors. Today we’re sharing some of Chris’s top-tweeted tips!

Chris Edgerly Voice Acting Artist Answers Your Questions on Twitter!


On Self Criticism

Kyle Rosenblum Asks: When self-directing, how do you not be so critical of yourself?

Chris Says: In my experience – trust your gut, send it and forget about it. Of course the more you do it the more you’ll trust yourself, and even veterans have the occasional audition that they read twenty times before they’re happy.


On Voice Acting Advice

Mason Stewart Says: Currently looking to start in narration and then maybe do a little bit of animation any advice?

Chris Says: I’m putting together some short videos designed to answer basic questions and give a little advice to my vo brothers and sisters just getting started in the biz. I’ll let you know when I’ve got them ready. For now, just keep your nose to the grindstone!


On Making a Living From Voice Acting

Geoffry Hyruler Asks: Does VA pay enough to where that’s your only career?

Chris Says: Yes, voice acting is all I do. This is the case for many of my colleagues as well. We have other creative endeavors we engage in, but our income is from acting.


On Taking Your Fate in Your Own Hands

Fanni Compton Says: When u feel like giving up, when u get ANOTHER #rejection, when ur desperate 2 show the #industry ur #talent but ur not getting hired, then…..

CREATE ur own work!

STOP waiting 4 permission & instead set about creating something that shows off ur unique skills!

Chris Says: Sound advice. I think the challenge for a lot of v.o.’s who only act is finding a way to create that content. I’m working on making some quick videos that address this, both in working alone and with a partner. I’m lucky enough to have a brother that’s a wiz at animation.


On Having Your Children to Follow in Your Shoes

#oririonewoman out now! says: I am putting some deliberate effort on my daughter right now. Preparing her to be good at soccer. Looking forward to seeing if my effort will pay off. Glad to see your effort is working for your precious son.

Chris Says: It’s mostly been about letting him audition at home and making sure he has fun. It led to this, and he had a blast on the day. As long as he enjoys it we’ll keep doing it.


On the Need to Be a Good Actor to Be a Good Voice Actor

Robinson Cruz Ramírez Asks: You’d have to be a good actor to be a voice actor?

Chris Says: In the same way that being a crappy actor would make you a crappy voice actor, yes. They’re directly related. The good news is you can start off as a crappy actor (like I did) and improve.


On “Sticking With It”

Khris Brown Says: New VO actors: not getting a gig is nothing personal. I’ve got 25 candidates whittled down for a single role from 200+ submissions, and I’ll whittle further to 5 for the client. I’ve spent my day laughing and falling in love. There is never “no,” only “next time.” Keep at it!

Chris Says: I’ve failed to book well over 95% of my auditions in nearly twenty years in this industry. Read it, submit it, on to the next one. As long as you commit to being good at what you’re doing, it will work out.


On His Most Intensive Audition

Nicholas Andrew Louie Says: Your Gobber is amazing, Chris! Love your performance in Dragons. You take a Craig Ferguson voice match and just bring it to another level. Always impressed! (Obviously, you do amazing work, but I just really dig the Dragons franchise, haha)

Chris Says: Thanks a lot, Nicholas! I still remember the callback for that part – it was the most intensive audition I’d ever done.


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