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Chris Edgerly Voice Actor: How Did I get Into Voice Acting? #VONotes

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Chris Edgerly Voice Actor

Chris Edgerly voice actor is back again with the twelfth video in the #VONotes series and today he’s talking about how he found his way into voice acting! The #VONotes series is a video series designed to answer any questions that you might have about the voice acting industry and it offers some great tips and references for aspiring voice actors everywhere! If you missed the previous videos in the #VONotes series you can catch up on thoseĀ here.

Chris Edgerly Voice Actor: How Did I get Into Voice Acting? #VONotes

What’s up, everybody? It’s Chris Edgerly with another #VONote and today I’m gonna answer the question that I probably get asked most often and that is – how did I get into voice acting?

Now, a lot of people are getting into the business themselves and they ask because they’re hoping to get some little tidbit of info or advice that they can use to help them break into the business as well.

I’ll recap how I got in and maybe that’ll be something useful for you…

As a kid, like a lot of performers, I discovered that I was pretty good at mimicry and doing different kinds of voices to amuse my family and my friends, so I kept at it just for fun.

That kind of performing continued all the way up into college where I finally tried stand-up for the very first time and I was also a drama minor so I was doing the occasional play. So you can see a performing background starting to take shape.

Once I was graduated from college, I went back home and I started doing open mics at the local comedy club. I eventually moved down to Orlando, Florida because I wanted to make all of my mistakes in a smaller market where I didn’t feel as much pressure. For me, it was an invaluable experience because I found an agent there and I started doing the occasional audition, booked a job or two on TV…

I also got into stand-up comedy professionally, so I started touring, getting a lot of experience on stage, a lot more experience doing voices for audiences, learning rhythm, learning timing…

Eventually, I started to get a little bit of a reputation around town as an actor that could do different voices and I was hired by Sound Deluxe – which is a production studio in town – to do some scratch tracks for The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman theme park ride. I ended up actually being cast as Spider-man and once I moved to Los Angeles, I was finishing up the recording for that ride.

Now, the people at Universal remembered me and put me in another couple of rides and over a couple of years, I developed a pretty good working relationship with them. They got me a meeting with a voice-over agent, that agent signed me. That agent moved up to a bigger agency, took me and some other clients with them and my career continued to progress.

Now, we’re not just talking about a couple of years in my life here, for all of this to happen. From the time I moved down to Orlando at age 23 to the time I booked an agent in Los Angeles, that was seven years! The time from then ’til now has been eighteen years and it’s something that I’m still working on!

Right now, you may be in a market where there aren’t agents and maybe there aren’t very many opportunities, but you have the internet which I did not have when I was starting out! You can put your content online for everyone to see and eventually someone can notice you…but never stop working at it!

I hope this has been of some help, and if you have any other questions or comments, put them in the comments section below and hit that subscribe button so you can see more #VONotes as I make them!