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Chris Edgerly Voice Acting Tips For Aspiring Voice Over Actors and Actresses

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Chris Edgerly voice acting veteran didn’t find his way into the voice acting industry until the middle of the nineties. That said, he has certainly had an impact on the industry since then and you’ll find hundreds of voice acting credits to his name! Today Chris is sharing a few voice acting tips for all of you aspiring voice over actors and actresses to help you to get your start in the industry too!

Chris Edgerly Voice Acting Tips

Study Acting

If you’re going to go to college before your voice acting career takes off, study acting while you’re there! It may not seem like the same thing, but voice acting incorporates a lot of the basic principles of acting. If you can nail down those basic principles you’ll have an advantage over other candidates who don’t have that experience.

Don’t Just Focus on Your Vocal Skills

Many aspiring voice actors think that all they need to do is focus on refining their voice skills but with the direction of gaming and animation these days, motion plays a big part in your job too. Some jobs might even require you to wear a sensor suit to map movement and expression to create a more fluid gaming experience, so don’t neglect those “extra” skills.

Consider a Voice Over Coach

Voice over work is unique, it’s a little bit of acting, a little bit of vocals, and a lot of character and a good voice over coach will help you to pull all of these elements together. Acting classes are great, natural talent is great, but you need to know how to put things together in a nice neat package and a coach will do that.

Pay Attention to Commercials, Video Games, Animated Shows…

There are a lot of niches in voice acting and it’s important for you to know your niche. Watch commercials, video games, and animated shows and really pay attention to them. What niche interests you most? What niche is best for your vocal talents? If you’re lucky what interests you most will match what your talents are and you will go on to have a budding career…but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take work to get there!


Practice your vocal skills. Practice diverse vocal profiles. Practice really bringing words to life by injecting character into a role. The more you practice the more natural it will become for you to slip in and out of character and that will really show when you audition for roles.

Don’t Be Afraid to Pursue…Anything!

Starting as a voice actor later in life, one of Chris’s favorite pieces of advice is not to be afraid to pursue anything! If it’s something you’ve always wanted to do, give it a shot! You never know how something might turn out and if you don’t try then you might be missing out on the best thing that could ever have happened to you!


Keep professional courtesy in mind. If multiple talent agencies offer you the same audition know that it’s courtesy to audition through the agency that invited you to audition first. It’s also common courtesy to show up early for all auditions and interviews.

Submission Length is Important!

When you submit for a spot make sure that you pay attention to the required submission length. You want to try to hit the nail right on the head, don’t run over and don’t cut things too short. Timing is crucial in this business and the last thing you want to do is give the impression that you can’t meet a simple submission length request.

Make a Name For Yourself!

You’re going to audition for a lot of parts and so are a lot of other people. You are your own best advocate. Make a name for yourself by really standing out – be diverse in your talent, be professional and courteous, be pleasant to work with, be fluid, be someone that everyone will remember.

Build Relationships

Build as many relationships as you can and make them genuine. A lot of opportunities will come your way through networking and referrals so the larger your reach, the larger your available pool of work.

Don’t Measure Your Self Worth By Auditions

Any type of acting audition is daunting. You will go on more than a few auditions and the number of roles you get from those auditions will be fractional. Don’t let this define your self-worth or your talent. Know that every audition you go to, the role is looking for something specific and you’re not going to have that something specific every time. Don’t let it get you down. Audition for any offered roles that interest you and give your best audition, everything else after that is out of your hands.

BE The Character, Not Just the Voice

I mentioned above the importance of those “other” aspects of voice over acting and this really plays into that. When you audition for a part really throw yourself into the role. BE the character, know what makes them tick, who are they, what is their mindset, what is their motivation? Become more than a voice, really create a three-dimensional character and you’ll get yourself noticed.

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