Edgy Brothers Presents: What is it and How it Can Make Your Day Brighter

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edgerly brothers presents

Edgy Brothers Presents is a great way to pick up your day…at least if you enjoy comedy animation…and let’s face it, who doesn’t? It’s also the newest endeavor of voice talent Chris Edgerly and his animation artist brother, Dave. That explains the name “Edgy Brothers Presents”, but what is it all about? Check out this video to see for yourself.

Edgy Brothers Presents: Edgy Animated Comedy Niblets

The video below was produced and created by Chris and Dave Edgerly, a pair of brothers who excel in voice acting and graphic design respectively. The Edgy brothers are ready to shake things up a bit in the world of comedy animation and they need your help to do it! The following video tells you a little bit more about the Edgy Brothers Presents animated comedy project and how you can help with the creation of more content.

Edgy Brothers Presents is something slightly different on the animated comedy front, it’s comedy with an edge (see what we did there?) but it’s small enough clips that you can share with friends without becoming that annoying friend.

So…what’s the point?

Besides entertainment value, Edgy Brothers Presents is an endeavor in creative content creation that crosses the usual boundaries. In order to cross those boundaries though, Chris and Dave could use a hand. You see, certain online video platforms have content standards that limit that edgy factor we mentioned before. So, in order to develop real content, content that holds no bars and tells it as it is, Chris and Dave have to script, produce, create, and broadcast content themselves.

Now, the problem is that the Edgy Brothers just can’t continue to make Edgy Brothers Presents content without your help. Why? Because creating content takes funding, time, and talent and while the Edgy brothers have a ridiculous amount of vocal and graphic design talent, they need your help with the funding so they can give up the time.

7 Reasons Why You Should Support Edgy Brothers Presents

1. It’s a Dollar and Content You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Content creation takes funding, but with enough minimal donations, unique content creation can still be possible. So, the brothers aren’t asking you to break the bank…maybe just give up the downpayment on your morning coffee. In return, you will get access to exclusive comedy animation content you won’t find anywhere else and you’ll have access to future episodes too!

2. Unique Creative Content is Hard to Come By

These days unique and unconventional content is hard to come by, not only because it takes a creative streak to create, but it also requires funding that is difficult to secure and even harder to maintain. So if you do your part and assist with funding, the guys will do theirs and produce the goods.

3. You Get to Give Censorship the Middle Finger

Yup, because there are content standards on public-use platforms like YouTube, content creators are limited in what they can post and share. This really cramps the style of content creators, graphic designers, and vocal talents like Chris and Dave. So, by supporting Edgy Brothers Presents, you are refusing to support networks that advocate censorship.

4. The Future is Good

No, we’re not telling your fortune, but once the Edgerly Brothers get Edgy Brothers Presents underway, they hope to also use their resources for tutorial videos. Whether you’re looking for voice acting tips from Chris or animation tips from Dave, the brothers intend to create a series of videos to help other creators who are just starting out!

5. It’s Just Good Content

Edgy Brothers Presents is just good content! It’s funny, witty, unique, lighthearted, and everything we need more of in our lives. Plus, it’s short, because no one wants to sit through five minutes of video just to get to the funny part. Edgy Brothers get right to the funny and lets you go about your day which is particularly handy when you’re trying to sneakily watch a video at work.

6. Your Doctor Will Approve

It’s true! Edgy Brothers Presents is funny stuff and laughing doesn’t just burn calories, but it makes you feel pretty good too. Who doesn’t want to feel good AND get through an annual checkup at the doctor without the raised eyebrows as the blood pressure cuff cuts off your circulation? Donate to the Edgy Brothers project and you might just live a little longer…but no promises.

7. It’s Quality Production Work

A lot of “help us fund our animation or production work” isn’t always made with professional or even high-quality production equipment. When you pay for content or invest in its creation there are few things as annoying as getting a low budget production in return, Edgy Brothers Presents promises not to do that to you.