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Naruto Voice Actor Chris Edgerly Shares Anime Voice Acting Tips

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Naruto voice actor

Naruto voice actor, Chris Edgerly, enjoys many aspects of voice acting but in his experience, one of the most challenging niches is anime voice over work. Today he’s sharing some tips he’s learned along the way when it comes to anime acting.

Naruto Voice Actor Chris Edgerly Shares Anime Voice Acting Tips

Voice acting is a fun but challenging occupation and hobby and anime voice acting, in particular, can be both of those things and then some! So what can you do to better prepare for anime voice acting?

Know That Anime Voice Acting is Demanding

As an anime voice actor, you are going to put your voice through A LOT. There is a lot of screaming and “animation” to the voices that you will provide in this niche, so it’s important to prepare your voice. How do you prepare? Work at projecting your voice, practice your breathing, practice shouting, screaming, and yelling. Perhaps most importantly, practice breathing patterns while doing this.

Know That Anime Work Requires Versatility

To succeed in anime voice over work you have to be versatile. You need to be able to bring a variety of characters to life and to give them unique vocals while fleshing out each character completely!  The best way to do this is to watch existing Anime scenes, mimic what you hear, and Practice, practice, practice. Try different scenes, different roles, different niches of anime, anime with different overall themes…get in as much variety as possible.

Know That You Don’t Always Get to “Create” Your Character Voices

In most cases, when you go for an anime voice over audition, there will already be a concept for the character you will be reading for. Your job is to provide a voice for that character to give them life. Sometimes this can be pretty difficult because the director and production crew will know exactly what they are looking for in a character’s voice. This gives you less freedom with your vocal range and can “box you in” when it comes to creativity, but with regular practice, you should be able to create the vocal profile they are looking for – this is where the need for versatility and practice comes in!

Know That You Will Be Criticized

Any career where you put yourself in the spotlight is going to result in criticism, but when it comes to voice over work, anime voice over actors tend to take a lot a slightly heavier degree of criticism. Why? Anime has a very loyal following and a huge fanbase. These fans have expectations for characters, for films, and for franchises and they can be critical (and rightly so) when it comes to who provides the voices for them.

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