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Theme Park Rides Voice Over Work: A Forgotten Voice Over Realm #VONotes

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theme park rides voice over

Chris Edgerly is here again with the eighth video in the #VONotes series and today he’s talking about one of the more forgotten realms in voice acting – the theme park rides voice over role! The #VONotes series is a video series made to answer your questions about the voice acting industry and it offers some really great tips and references for any aspiring voice actor! If you missed the first few videos in the #VONotes series you can catch up on those here.

Theme Park Rides Voice Over Work: A Forgotten Voice Over Realm #VONotes

What’s up, everybody? It’s Chris Edgerly with another #VONote and today I’m gonna talk about theme park rides.

In my opinion, theme park rides are an overlooked part of the voice over industry.

The two rides I’m known for the most are probably as Spiderman and J. Jonah Jameson on the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman theme park ride and another voice I’m known for is Scuttle the seagull who’s on a couple of different attractions.

One of the cool things about this work is that the rides do tend to stick around for a long time. Of course, when you do a theme park ride there are not credits at the end of the ride, so nobody knows it’s you but, thanks to the internet, I have a couple of IMDB credits that are based on rides I have done. And, thanks to YouTube, you can see footage of people enjoying the rides and that’s also really cool!

And to answer a very often asked question – no, I do not get a check everytime somebody goes on The Little Mermaid ride or the Spiderman ride because if I did, I wouldn’t be talking to you right now, I’d be on a beach!

A lot of people wonder what it’s like to record for a theme park ride and, in my opinion, it’s a lot like working on a video game. It can take a year or two at least for the process to play itself out and there’s a very interactive quality to the project itself. In fact, I’ve got a little bit of footage here that’s me working on the Spiderman ride all the way back in 1998 – to give you some idea of what it was like.

[Director]: “We have his outgoing voicemail message and so it’s kind of, you know, bright cheery Peter Parker”

[Chris Edgerly as Peter Parker]: “Hi! You have reached Peter Parker…unless you’re my landlord, in which case, the number you have reached has been disconnected and is no longer in service!”

[Chris Edgerly as Spiderman]: Man, you shouldn’t be out here! 

[Chris Edgerly as Spiderman]: “So much for being careful! Just get back to the Bugle!” 


Yes, I had a lot of hair back then! Not so much now! But it was a really fun project and that was almost a year away from the ride actually being finished!

There’s something about a theme park that makes the experience even more intense and memorable than watching a movie or a show. And, I see the same look on my kids’ face when they go on a ride too!

Oh, and yes, one last question I get asked sometimes – if I ever go on a ride where I do the voice do I do the voice while I’m on the ride to mess with people’s minds?


Why ruin the illusion? Let them have their fun like I did when I was a kid and like I still do now cause I’m just a big grown up kid!

Hope this has answered some of your questions about theme park rides, if you have any more, please put them in the comments section below and hit that subscribe button so you can see more #VONotes as I make them!