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Using Your Voiceover Talents in the Voice Acting Industry

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Using your voiceover talents in the voice acting industry and becoming a successful voice actor is a culmination of finding the right niche for you and finding the right roles within that niche. Some voice actors have multiple niches that they succeed in, for example, they may do well in both anime and video game work. Other actors, however, may find that they only really enjoy one niche of voice-over work. No single approach is right for everyone, so give different niches a try and see which feels right for you!

Using Your Voiceover Talents in the Voice Acting Industry

If you know that you want to put your voiceover talents to work but you’re not quite sure which voiceover niche is the right one for you, don’t panic. The world of voiceover is such a diverse one that you truly have the opportunity to pursue just about any voiceover role you could imagine – so long as you work hard, that is!

What are your options when choosing a voice over niche, though?

The Main Voice Over Niches in Voice Acting

ADR Voice Over Jobs

Automated Dialogue Replacement work requires you to record new audio tracks for a project that has already been completed because the original audio was poor quality OR created in another language and requires dubbing.

Animation / Cartoon Voice Over Jobs

Animation voiceover jobs give you the opportunity to work in a variety of animated productions. It’s important to be able to breathe energy into animated characters as well as to have diverse vocal profiles so that you can create various characters.

Anime Voice Over Jobs

Anime voice over jobs are much like animation work but they only feature in anime animation. This type of voice-over work regularly requires you to push your vocals to the max with frequent shouting, screaming and yelling.

Audiobook Voice Over Jobs

Audiobook voice over jobs is about longevity since they require you to read long sections of text rather than shorter, intermittent lines. Although narration may not seem like a role that requires animated vocals, it’s crucial that you are able to make a story come to life through your vocal talent.

Commercial Voice Over Jobs

Commercial voice over jobs are about selling and clear communication, they are as much about being able to market a product well using your tone of voice as they are about providing quality vocals.

E-Learning Voice Over Jobs

E-learning material is set in an educational forum and can be a little more tricky for voice actors since it depends on the ability to understand (or at least pretend to understand) industry-specific terminology.

Internet Voice Over Jobs

Internet voice over jobs include things like website introduction videos and internet advertisement voice overs. In this niche you may find yourself working with just about any website, product, service, etc. but all depend on your ability to gain someone’s attention!

Radio Voice Over Jobs

Radio voice over jobs include projects like radio dramas. Getting work in this niche without an existing reputation in the voiceover industry can be difficult, but with hard work, you may find yourself being able to break into the scene!

Telephone and Interactive Voice Response Voice Over Jobs

Telephone and interactive voice response voice over jobs are a little less glamorous than the motion picture type of voice-over work. This niche involves voicing telephone systems and interactive voice responses for companies and like commercial work, it’s up to you to keep listeners engaged.

Video Gaming Voice Over Jobs

Video gaming voice over jobs is one of the more popular areas of voice acting and it involves creating voices for video game characters. This is a complex area of voice acting that requires acting and voice acting talent as well as the ability to bring a character to life.

Interested in Learning More About Using Your Voiceover Talents?

If you’re interested in learning more about putting your voiceover talents to work, we suggest watching the #VONotes video series on Chris Edgerly’s YouTube channel! Each of these videos offers a wealth of advice and voice acting resources that can help you along your way!