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Video Game Voice Overs: Tips From a Professional

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Video game voice overs have long been a popular niche in the voice over industry and with video game technology advancing, it’s a niche that continues to grow. So today voice actor Chris Edgerly is sharing a few tips on video game voice overs from his experience with over 100 video game titles!

Video Game Voice Overs: Tips From Chris Edgerly

Again, It’s Not Just the Voice

You’ll remember from the post last week that Chris shared the importance of giving a character dimension. When it comes to video game voice overs, Chris says it’s just as important to round out a video game character too, if not more so. With readings moving so quickly for video game voice overs, you need to be able to really bring characters to life without a second thought. If you aren’t confident and you “umm” and “ahh” while you think about how to materialize your character, they’re going to pass every time.

Cold Reading Skills Are Crucial

Unlike voice over work for other projects like animated TV series, video game voice overs have very long scripts and give you a pretty short time to prepare for the role. It’s important that you get used to cold reading and that you’re confident in your ability to do cold readings without nerves getting in the way. This is particularly important if you take on a major video game voice over part because you’re not going to get the chance to do a million takes, one or two and then they’re moving on!

It’s All About Experience!

Practice, practice, practice, and when you’ve practiced and you’re ready, start reading! The more experience you have, the better your readings are going to get. When you have your readings down pat and you start doing auditions and getting parts, you’ll find that people start to refer you to other auditions and parts too.

Learn How to Read in a Booth!

A voice over booth is part of the package when it comes to voice over parts, so if you’ve never actually done work in this niche, it’s important that you get used to reading in a booth. You don’t have the freedom to walk around a set like you do with a traditional acting gig, but some newcomers to voice over work don’t think about it and put a little too much motion into their readings. This can lead to inconsistencies in the volume of your voice and that’s a big no-no!

Can You “Move It, Move It”?

Video game voice over work is becoming much more than just providing a voice and personality to a character. These days a lot of video game work incorporates motion capture suits to create more realistic expression and movement of characters. What does that mean for you? It means that you have to be able to work with more than just your voice if you want to stand out in a competitive industry.

Build Your Stamina

Because video game scripts can be quite long and the time you have to work with them is short, you’ll need to be able to read for longer periods. You can do this by slowly building up your reading times while you practice for readings.

Do Your Research

When you do a reading for an audition it’s always good to do your research first. Find out what you can about the game and character you are reading for and then delve into previous releases by the same director and producer. Most video games from the same director or producer will have a similar feel to them so by playing those games you can learn what they are looking for in particular types of roles.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Create a demo that displays your flexibility. Tackle characters in various game niches and really show off what you are capable of. The more diverse your portfolio, the more roles you will get invitations to read for.

Get a Good Management Team

Working in any voice over niche, your management team are going to be your key to getting readings. Make sure that you connect with a management team who have experience in video game voice overs and a team who you can work with and who are willing to work with you. Remember, these guys are a cornerstone of your foundation in the industry so research reputations and know that the team you are hiring are on your side.

Step Out of the Box

You never know how you’re going to come up with the next voice for your portfolio! Play with your voice, mimic, imitate, get serious, get silly, just do whatever you can to get the most out of your voice! Your voice is your tool, it’s how you make your living, and the more things you can do with your tool, the more jobs you can take on.

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