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Voice Acting Industrials #VONotes

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voice acting industrials

Voice actor Chris Edgerly is here once more with the nineteenth video in the #VONotes series and in this episode, he’s talking about voice acting industrials! The #VONotes series is a video series designed to answer various questions about the voice acting industry and each video contains some great tips and references for aspiring voice actors everywhere! If you missed the previous videos in the #VONotes series you can catch up on those here.

Voice Acting Industrials #VONotes

Today I’m gonna talk about industrials!

First of all, what is an industrial? Well, it can be different things…

  • Sometimes it’s sort of a long-form TV commercial, something like a 30-minute TV spot you would see before a movie made in the 1980s or professional wrestling.
  • And sometimes, it’s an in-house video that a company uses just for its employees! Sometimes it’s training, sometimes it’s an end of the year recap, or sometimes it’s announcing a new product or service that they want to get everyone on board with.
  • Sometimes it’s a video setup in a retail store for customers passing by to talk about a new product and get them interested.

Now that you know the different things that an industrial can be, it’s also good to know the very specific things that a voice actor needs to bring to voicing an industrial. They are, in my experience tone and clarity.

Tone is very important because sometimes if we’re speaking to customers, you need to be very warm and friendly and assuring and inviting. Other times, for employees you have to be confident and assertive – this is new information and everyone has to get it.

Clarity is also important because usually there’s a lot of jargon in there that’s specific to that industry that, frankly, you may not even understand! But as long as you can annunciate and get it across clearly, that’s what matters!

For example, I once did an industrial for a motorcycle brand. Every time I had to speak about the new models coming up and the different specs on those models, I’m pretty sure I didn’t understand a single word of what I was saying! But, I had my tone just right and I was clear, and they loved it! And that’s what’s key, even if you don’t know what you’re saying, you have to sound like you do!

Industrials are getting across a point and a very specific piece of information, so they know the tone they’re looking for and if you have that and you’re clear and confident, that’s gonna do the trick!

I hope this has answered some questions for you if you have any more put them in the comments section below and hit that subscribe button so you can see more #VONotes as I make them!