Our Favorite Tweets From Voice Actor Chris Edgerly

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voice actor Chris Edgerly

If you keep up with voice actor Chris Edgerly on social media, then you’ll know that he’s always active on his Twitter account. Today we’re going to highlight some of our favorite tweets from Chris and encourage you to follow his Twitter account to keep up with all of his current news!

Our Favorite Voice Actor Chris Edgerly Tweets

I was once replaced as the lead on an animated show (producers wanted to try something different).

Later at my agency I saw an actor sitting next to me was about to read for the part. I did my take for him and said “That’s what they definitely don’t want.”


The best birthday present I could get was recording on the greatest show ever. ⁦@TheSimpsons⁩

And thanks to everyone at the session for the birthday wishes – and to everyone on Twitter as well!

An awesome read today at Fox for @TheSimpsons with a great script as usual! (And the first time I’ve ever used a helium balloon as part of my performance. It’s complicated.)

Today at Igloo Music recording a Disney Read-along project for Dumbo (I’m Timothy Mouse).

And since this is Disney and they are all about the details, we recorded on a reissued AEA KU4 microphone, something similar to what the original Timothy would’ve been recorded with. #Dumbo

Fun Fact!

My brother Dave is a graphic designer and animator who’s worked freelance for twenty years. Some of his animation work includes:

Eight Crazy Nights
The Fatboy Chronicles
Chug with Zane Lamprey

@EdgyBrothersDes #voiceactor #chrisedgerly #edgybros

Timing is everything! @TheSimpsons #chrisedgerly #pics #voiceactor

Always smiling when I’m working with @DisneyStudios #chrisedgerly #pics #voiceactor

Trying to look like I know what I’m talking about while chatting with the GradyLA interns as they visited @TheSimpsons. They’re a great bunch of students from my alma mater, U. of Georgia, that I was thrilled to invite to a table read.

(In response to a fan’s tweet about Chris following his Twitter account): Glad you got dat Follow I sentcha.

Today we delivered the $5K check from my #HelpKids signing fundraiser to @StarlightUS for the @Nintendo Fun Center! To thank all the #StarWars fans who helped in this endeavor, Starlight is matching the Fun Center so the Pediatric Ward will now be getting TWO Centers! MTFBWY!👍🙂

Do You Want Work With Voice Actor Chris Edgerly?

If you’d like to hire Chris to voice an animated character in your next movie, Tv show, or video game, reach out to his management team using the contact information below!

CESD Talent Agency: (310) 475-2111

Commercial Dept.

Sumeet Iyengar

Beau Oliver

Animation Dept.

Pat Brady

Cathey Lizzio

Promo/Narration Dept.

Vinnie Biunno

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