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Aspiring Voice-Over Artists Resources That Chris Edgerly Recommends

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Aspiring voice-over artists can easily be overwhelmed by the sheer number of voice artist resources out there that claim to be the “one true resource” for launching you to the top of the voice over industry. Firstly, you should know that there is no “one true resource”. Chris uses a variety of resources to “make things happen” and even when he has a great resource on hand, he never assumes that there is nothing else to be learned from other available tools.

Now, with that out of the way, today we’re going to share some of the resources that Chris does use and has actually referenced during his #VONotes videos.

Aspiring Voice-Over Artists Resources That I Recommend

It takes a wealth of fine-tuned tools for any professional to do their job well and voice-over artists are no exception! Take a look at some of the tools that Chris recommends…

Voice Over Recording Software

Voice over recording software is a MUST and everyone has their own preference based on what works for them. When it comes to his program of choice, Chris uses Audacity, one of the reasons being that it’s simple to use and not as geared towards “tech-heads” as some of the other programs out there. That said, Chris also has friends who use  GarageBand and Pro Tools who find that those tools work best for them.

Microphones for Voice Over Work

Microphones are, obviously, another huge part of voice over work and again, the microphone that you feel most comfortable with is not necessarily going to be the microphone that someone else finds most comfortable. Chris’s microphone of choice happens to be the Shure KSM 32, however, he also recommends the Blue condenser mic if your budget is lacking, or an Apogee microphone if your budget falls between the Blue and the Shure.

Voice Over Booths

If you are so inclined, you can purchase a voice over booth to record your voice over demos at home. Chris recommends the booths made by  Scott’s VO Booths dot com.

Voice Over Resource Websites

There are plenty of websites out there with resources and tips, but some of Chris’s favorite spots include:

Dee Bradley Baker’s website: IWantToBeAVoiceactor.com

Amy Walker’s videos on accents in voice acting (YouTube)

Melissa Disney’s resources on live announcing in voice acting: Youtube and Twitter or her website

Do You Have Voice-Over Artists Resources That You Recommend?

Do you have a favorite voice-over artists resource that you prefer or that you simply recommend? This is your chance to share it! Head on over to Chris’s Twitter page and tweet @chrisedgerly with a link, tell us what it is, and why you love it!