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Voice-Over Auditions: Preparing For Your Voice Acting Audition

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As a voice actor, you will (hopefully) have the opportunity to go through plenty of voice-over auditions. These auditions can be intimidating if you’re new to voice acting and it’s natural to be nervous, but there are some things that you can do to better prepare yourself.

Voice-Over Auditions: Preparing For Your Voice Acting Audition

Any audition can be intimidating, even when you’ve been working in the same field for decades! As a voice-over artist, however, you will likely experience more auditions than the average person which can lead to some incredible anxiety, but proper preparation for your interview can definitely help! Here are a few ways that Chris Edgerly prepares for his auditions and keeps his mind focused…

Before the Audition

Know Your Script

If you have the script ahead of time, know it before you get to the audition. Going into an audition and not knowing a script that you had access to previously is going to make you look bad and it’s also going to leave you open to making more mistakes during your audition since you’re unfamiliar with the script. It’s also just common courtesy to be prepared for an audition particularly if you have been given the material required beforehand.

Be on Time or Early if Possible

Being on time or preferably, early, will keep you from having to rush to your audition and worry about being late and what the consequences of that lateness will be. Arriving late isn’t just going to make you feel nervous, it will also leave a bad taste in the mouth of those conducting your audition.

Stay “Loose”

When you get to your audition, do what it takes to stay relaxed. Chris uses this time to chat with others if they aren’t focused on something else and if they are, he turns his attention to his phone so others in the room have the space they need to prepare for their audition.

Be Ready to Adlib

In some auditions, you may be asked to adlib. Ironically, you should be prepared to adlib. Obviously, you don’t want to present something rehearsed as adlib, but you should practice adlibbing to get those creative juices flowing so that you give a much smoother performance.

During the Audition

Pay Attention to Direction

During your audition, you may receive direction or last-minute pieces of advice that can help you to refine the part you are reading, pay attention! These tidbits can be the determining factor in whether or not you land a role. Casting directors, directors, and producers sometimes know exactly what they are looking for and if they give you tips to help you to provide that special something” use them!

Looking For More Tips For Voice-Over Auditions or Voice Acting in General?

If you’re looking for more tips for your next voice-over audition or if you’re just looking for a little guidance when it comes to voice acting, make sure to check out the Chris Edgerly YouTube video series #VONotes!