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Voice-Over Narration: Answering Your Questions About Narration

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voice-over narration

Voice-over narration is just one area of many when it comes to doing voice-over work, but it’s an area of VO that gets very little press. Sure, working in animated TV shows, doing TV commercials, and voicing characters in Hollywood movies is incredible, but there are many great aspects to voice-over narration as well. So, today, we’re going to give voice-over narration a little time in the spotlight and answer your most frequently asked questions about this VO niche.

Voice-Over Narration: Answering Your Questions About Narration

Q: Are Live-Announcing and Narration the Same Thing?

A: No. Generally, when we refer to live announcing, we’re talking about something like the live-announcing that Chris Edgerly did for the Emmy’s. If you missed his recounting the experience, you can find it here. This type of work requires the ability to be flexible and to adapt well to the unexpected. Live-announcing also requires that you be able to multitask well!

Narration work, on the other hand, is something that we see most often with audio books. Narration may seem like a mundane option when it comes to voice-over work, but it can be quite interesting and a great opportunity to see just how versatile of a voice actor you are. While narration work won’t involve quite so much multitasking – for example, keeping track of multiple actors as they walk down the red carpet and being mindful of so many details about the event and those in attendance, it will involve putting your versatility to the test as you voice various roles, building their character and switching back and forth between each one.

Q: Is Narration Only For Audiobooks?

A: No!

There are many other applications for narration, a few of these include:

  • Providing off-screen narration voice-over work for a movie that requires events to be explained to viewers (usually for clarity).
  • Providing narration voice-over for corporate videos or answering machines to maintain a professional image while ensuring that new and future employees know what is expected of them at their new job.
  • Providing commercial narration. These are usually small pieces of dialogue that can be added to frame a commercial. Commercial narration can range from being technical to fun, but the one thing it all has in common is that it’s designed to grab the attention of potential consumers while convincing them that this is a product that they need!

Q: Is Voice-Over Narration Always Solo Work?

A: No.

One of the greatest parts of voice-over work is that every single job you take can differ from the one before it and this is just as true for voiceover narration as it is for commercials or film roles where you might do group readings or you may be a solo track that’s added in later in production.

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