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Voice Over Training: Tips From Experienced Voice Actor Chris Edgerly

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As an aspiring voice over actor or actress, one of the best resources you can get for voice over training is an existing voice actor. Voice over artist Chris Edgerly is one voice over artist who is willing to share these kinds of tips to help other aspiring voice actors to forge their future in the industry.

One of the ways that Chris has really helped other voice artists recently is through the publication of a series of web videos called #VOnotes. In this series of short video clips in each video clip, Chris highlights one important aspect of voice acting that every voice over artist should be familiar with. Today, we’re going to share a quick recap of these video clips!

Voice Over Training: Tips From Experienced Voice Actor Chris Edgerly

1. What is Voice Over, VO, Or Voice Acting? #VONotes

2. Voice Matching: The Difference Between Voice Matching and Doing Impressions #VONotes

3. Voice Acting in Movies AKA Live Action Feature Film Voice Over Work #VONotes

4. Microphones for Voice Over Work: Chris Edgerly’s Picks #VONotes

5. Voice Over Recording Environment: Creating the Optimal Recording Environment #VONotes

6. Voice Over Recording Software: Which is the Best Voice Over Recording Software? #VONotes

7. What Training Should a Voice Actor Do Between Jobs? #VONotes

8. Theme Park Rides Voice Over Work: A Forgotten Voice Over Realm #VONotes

9. Voice Acting Agents: How Do I Get a Voice Acting Agent? #VONotes

10. Voice Over Work Outside Your Comfort Zone AKA Off-Site Auditions #VONotes

11. Anime Voice Over Work: The Challenges of Being an Anime Voice Actor #VONotes

12. Chris Edgerly Voice Actor: How Did I get Into Voice Acting? #VONotes

13. Voice Acting in Animation: Animation Voice Over Work #VONotes

14. Voice Acting in Commercials: Commercial Voice Over Work #VONotes

15. Voice Acting Looping: Looping in Voice Acting #VONotes

16. Voiceover Opportunities: Working and Compromise #VONotes

17. Accents in Voice Acting: Chris Edgerly Voice Over Tips #VONotes

18. Voice Acting in Video Games: Tips From Voice Actor Chris Edgerly #VONotes

19. Voice Over Career: The Career Stages in Voice Acting #VONotes

20. Voice Acting Scratch Tracks or Temp Work #VONotes

21. Live Announcing in Voice Acting #VONotes

22. Voice Acting Union Vs. Non-Union Work #VONotes

Looking For More Voice Over Training Tips?

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