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Voice Overs: Chris Edgerly Shares Tips on Being a Better Voice Over Actor

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When you do voice overs for a living it’s important to devote regular time to bettering yourself and improving your skill set. With the right tools and plenty of hard work, you can open yourself up to new opportunities and maybe even land that dream job you’ve been dreaming about since you were a kid…although, let’s be honest, if you dreamed of being a voice actor and you are a voice actor, you’ve pretty much already hit the jackpot.

So, What Can You Do to Better Your Voice Overs Resume?

Scratch Tracks

In the V.O. Notes series, Chris has done a full segment on scratch tracks and how they can help your career as a voice actor. Voice actors rarely get credit for the work that they do on scratch tracks, but they are a great way to get unique experiences under your belt as well as to get yourself out there. According to Chris, it’s some of the most fulfilling and collaborative work he’s ever done! See Chris’s video on scratch tracks here.

Learn How to Deal with Critics and Trolls

There are critics and trolls for just about every industry there is but voice actors – like anyone else working in a very public field – the hits come a little harder, faster, and sometimes a lot more brutally. Recently Chris did a V.O. Notes segment on how to deal with critics and trolls as a voice actor and how he feels about it all. You can see this video here: One Way For Voice Actors Should Deal with Trolls and Critics.

Try Looping

Looping is when a group of voice actors (known a “Loop Group”) gets together to fill in the background noise for a scene. Now, you have to be versatile to succeed with looping work, but if you are talented with dialects and accents you can find plenty of work with a Loop Group! Looping isn’t the most “glamorous” of work, Chris says, but it is a great experience so long as you are able to work well with others! See Chris’s video on Voice Acting and Looping here.

Learn How to Work Outside Your Comfort Zone

As a voice actor, it’s important that you are able to follow direction and sometimes that direction means having to work outside of your comfort zone. If you have had difficulty in the past with doing this, then it’s time to take the opportunity to work on it so that you can be more confident the next time you have to head to the studio for an audition! See what Chris has to say about working outside your comfort zone as a voice actor here.

Looking For More Tips on Voice Overs, Voice Acting, and Being a Voice Talent?

If you’re looking for more tips on all things voiceover V.O.Notes is a video series by voice actor Chris Edgerly covering some more great tips for aspiring voice actors around the world. Take a look at the V.O Notes here on Chris’s blog or via the Chris Edgerly YouTube channel.