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Voice Talent Chris Edgerly Explains the Different Areas of Voice Acting

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If you are an aspiring voice talent who is just getting started in the pursuit of a voice acting career, it’s important that you are familiar with all of the voice acting niches available to you. Voice talent Chris Edgerly is checking in today with some great information on the different voice acting areas out there and what they each mean – including some great video clips!

Voice Talent Chris Edgerly Explains the Different Areas of Voice Acting

Live Announcing in Voice Acting

Live announcing in voice acting can be done in a variety of situations but it always involves doing your voice over performance in a live setting – for example at an awards show! Watch Chris’s short #VONotes video on the topic of voice acting and live announcing.

Voice Acting in Video Games

One of Chris Edgerly’s most frequent roles is as a voice actor working in video games. This is a very demanding role as a voice actor, but it can be a great opportunity to get involved with game franchises that will continue to seek you out for future installments of games or who will want to hire you for other games on their schedule. Watch Chris’s #VONotes video on voice acting in video games.

Voice Acting in Commercials

Voice acting in commercials may not sound too “glamorous” but it can be a fun area to work in for the voice actor who has a lot of vocal flexibility and who is looking for shorter “roles” to work. Commercial voice acting can include anything from radio work and internet voice-overs for commercials to being “that guy” who does the movie trailer commercials! Watch Chris’s #VONotes video on voice acting in commercials.

Voice Acting in Animation

Voice acting in animation can include a recurring role in a longstanding animated TV series to starring in an animated feature film. This is one of the most in-demand areas of work in the voice over industry but it’s also one of the most interesting and fun areas to work in. Watch Chris’s #VONotes video on voice acting in animation.

Voice Acting in Anime

Voice acting in anime is another area of voice over work that tends to get a lot of attention and that interests many talents in the VO industry. It is also a very demanding area of voice over work that can put a lot of strain on your voice as well as receive a lot of criticism from fans! Watch Chris’s #VONotes video on voice acting in anime.

Other Areas of Voice Acting

In addition to the niches mentioned above, voice actors also take roles in voice-over work in theme park rides (an area that is often neglected when we talk about voice over work) and – another of the most popular niches in voice acting work – voice over acting in feature films!

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