6 Facts About Voice Actor Chris Edgerly That You Probably Don’t Know

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Facts about voice actor Chris Edgerly

Check out these 6 facts about voice actor Chris Edgerly that you probably don’t know! As a versatile and talented voice actor, Chris has voiced commercials, animated TV series, video games, and even appeared in a few acting roles. Those are just the basics, though, there is much more to this multifaceted entertainer than most people know! Start with a look at these six facts and see how many you knew already!

6 Facts About Voice Actor Chris Edgerly

1. Chris Edgerly Began His Entertainment Career in Stand-Up

During his time at the University of Georgia, Chris found a love for and discovered a talent for stand-up comedy! Before going into a career in voice acting, Chris spent ten years touring as a stand-up comedian! He so loves the world of stand-up that he still makes local appearances in stand-up circles today!

2. Chris Edgerly Has Over 170 Credits in His Voice Actor Filmography!

Since 1995, Chris Edgerly has been cast in more than 170 productions as a voice talent. These productions range from animated television shows to commercials to video game vocals.

3. SeaQuest 2032 Was One of the First Acting Projects Chris Took On

In 1995, Chris Edgerly took on one of his first acting roles as “Ross’s friend” in an episode of SeaQuest 2032 titled “Second Chance.”

4. Chris Has Produced Two Video Shorts During His Career So Far

In addition to being a stand-up talent and a versatile vocal talent, Chris Edgerly has also produced and co-produced two video shorts during his career so far. The first of these shorts “Gump Fiction” was produced in 1995 and the second, “The Return of Eddie Player”, was co-produced in 1996.

5. Chris Voices President Truman in the 2012 Television Series “The Untold History of the United States”

The four-chapter television documentary series that aired in 2012 featured Chris Edgerly as none other than President Truman! The series covered various segments of U.S. history including World War II, Roosevelt, Truman, and Wallace, “The Bomb”, and the Cold War.

6. Chris Edgerly Has Featured As a Voice Actor on The Simpsons For Seven Years!

Since 2011, Chris Edgerly has been a regular vocal talent on the animated sitcom “The Simpsons”. Voicing various minor characters and providing vocals for numerous background characters, Chris has been a voice actor in over 150 episodes of the animated American classic!

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