Voice Actors: 4 Reasons Why Voice Acting Roles Will Continue to Increase

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Voice actors have long played an important role in cinematic and radio history, but as we head further into a completely digital age, the demand for voice actors will only increase.

4 Reasons Why Voice Acting Roles Will Continue to Increase

1. Increasing Dependence on Digital Technology to Produce Content

As our dependence on and development of digital technology continues to grow, the use of this digital technology in movies and television does too. Think of how mindblowing the movie “Avatar” was when it was first released, now think of how often we use similar technology in movies and television. Despite our dependence on digital resources for visual effects, however, we still rely on the human voice to bring these digital figures to life.

2. Natural Voices Are Still Preferred Over Artificial Voices

As mentioned above, human voices are in increased demand to voice the digital characters we are using more frequently. Why don’t we use the same digital resources to vocalize our digital creations? Simply because the nuances of the human voice are specific to the human voice. Never will artificial voice be able to emulate the emotion that the human voice is capable of conveying.

3. The Increased Demand for “Voices Like Mine”

Another reason why natural voices are preferred over artificial voices is the increased demand for national and regional accents. As the pool of voice actors has increased, the availability of national and regional accents has increased. A little taste of the natural accents that people identify with created a more realistic and personalized entertainment experience. As with most things, though, a little taste just wasn’t enough and now the demand for these unique vocal talents is higher than ever.

4. Increased Research Has Resulted in Targeted Vocal Marketing

Over the years we haven’t just developed our digital technology, but we have paid more attention to marketing research. Now more than ever we are able to identify factors that are most likely to push consumers to buy. As it happens, one of those factors is having “someone like me” selling the product. Doing this creates an emotional connection with the voice talent marketing a product and results in increased sales for a company. Fortunately for voice actors everywhere, this results in an increased demand for identifiable human vocal talent.

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