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Voiceover Audition: Chris Edgerly Tips For a Smooth Audition

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The voiceover audition is a necessary part of any voice over artist’s career. In fact, you’ll spend a significant percentage of your career auditioning for roles and sadly, you’ll get callbacks for only a very small percentage of these auditions. As your career progresses you’ll find your groove for auditions and hopefully, you’ll begin to see more callbacks (although if you don’t, don’t worry, this is a VERY competitive industry and often casting directors are looking for something very specific.) As a newcomer to the voice over industry, though, you haven’t yet had time to develop your own audition process, so today we’re going to share some of Chris Edgerly’s voiceover audition tips to help you to find your own rhythm.

Voiceover Audition: Chris Edgerly Tips For a Smooth Audition

Be Flexible

If you are serious about being a voiceover actor or actress, you have to be flexible. Many of us fall into an isolated state of mind where we don’t want to talk via phone – we’d rather text, or we want to perform only in environments where we are comfortable – taking only auditions that allow us to audition from the comfort of our homes. This is a big mistake, particularly in an industry that is so competitive and where a personal appearance and flexibility really does make a difference. Don’t fall into this niche of “on my terms”, remember, you’re not the one calling the shots and the more flexible you can be, the better your chances of success.

Punctuality Matters

Voiceover auditions are no different from any other job interview, so it’s crucial that you arrive on time…in fact, arriving early is better. You want to show how reliable you are, that you respect the crew you are auditioning for, and that this job matters to you. Showing up late is disrespectful and will earn you a bad reputation and you will quickly learn that a bad reputation will follow you around from audition to audition like a bad smell – think of it as a six degrees of separation thing… Bottom line, be polite, be respectful, and be committed.


This is one of the most important things to keep in mind for any interview or audition. It’s easy to get lost in what you have to do for an audition, but if you are being given advice or suggestions from the hiring team, listen to that advice and use it! Don’t get so lost in the copy you have memorized that you are rigid in your performance and unwilling to “flex” to suggestions from those people interested in hiring you!

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