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Voiceover Basics: Getting Back to the Basics of Voiceover

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voiceover basics

Today on the official Chris Edgerly blog, we’re going to be going back to the beginning and talking about voiceover basics for those of you newbies interested in getting into voice acting. So, if that describes you, read on!

Voiceover Basics: Getting Back to the Basics of Voiceover

Let’s get right down to voiceover basics…

What is Voiceover?

Voiceover is the art of giving a voice to characters or narrating situations or content for a viewer or audience. A voiceover artist is generally heard but not seen, although as video games evolve, this isn’t always the case! Voiceover is also referred to as voice acting and someone who does voice acting for a living is called a voice actor/actress, voice-over artist, or voice talent.

Why is Voiceover Still “a Thing”?

When we talk about voiceover, people tend to think back to those old radio dramas and this pushes them to question why voice acting is still a “thing”. You’d be surprised to know just how many areas of your life that voiceover is used in – it’s definitely much more than those old radio dramas that you think about first.

What Kind of Work Do Voice Actors Do?

There is a surprising range of opportunities within the voice acting industry and many people don’t realize just how diverse of a career it can be. In Chris Edgerly’s #VONotes series, he talks about some of these niche areas in depth. Just some of the opportunities available to voice actors include:

Are Voice Actors Actually Actors?

Voice acting is a form of acting that is often referred to as being an actor without the physical aspect of acting, but this isn’t true. Voice actors are required to use many of the same acting skills that on-screen actors and actresses use when playing roles. Occasionally, voice actors also have to also do motion capture work, for example, with video game roles. If you aren’t familiar with motion capture work, this is where a voice actor or actress wears a suit that is covered in sensors so that movement can be mapped directly into their video game character. This creates a more lifelike character but it is quite physically demanding work as well!

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