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Voiceover Booth: What Is a Voiceover Booth and Do You Need One?

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In his #VONotes series, Chris Edgerly talks a little bit about the voiceover booth and his experiences using a booth at home. Today we’re going to talk a little bit more about the booth covering everything you need to know for your voiceover career.

Voiceover Booth: What Is a Voiceover Booth and Do You Need One

What Is It?

The voiceover booth is an important tool for any serious voiceover actor/actress. Also called a “vocal booth”, the VO booth is a tool that’s used to isolate the voice of a VO actor, singer, or instrumentalist. In the context of voice acting, the booth allows for roles to be performed without any external interference. For example, if you work out of a home office and are putting together a demo tape, the booth will block out any “daily noise” such as the heater kicking on or the toilet next door flushing, and ensure that you create crisp and clear vocal content. These booths aren’t only used in home studios. When attending auditions and when performing roles, a booth helps to maintain the integrity of your voice by blocking out interference and it keeps other sounds (like music soundtracks) from drowning out your voice.

Do I Need My Own Voiceover Booth?

Many newer voice actors wonder whether they need to invest in a VO booth of their own. In his #VONotes series, Chris explains that during his early years he used a closet at home as his own booth. He also fashioned a makeshift booth of his own. But do you need one? In short, the answer is – yes.

That doesn’t mean that you have to invest in the most expensive option available, though, Chris is a strong believer in doing what you can with what you have. For example, if you can afford a professional VO booth, yes, it will certainly help with your demos and the quality of your recordings. If you cannot afford a professional booth, try a makeshift booth at home or just use your closet. Whatever you can do to create a clearer and better quality recording, do it!

Should a Voiceover Booth Be a Priority?

As a newer voice in the industry, you want to make a good impression and provide the clearest quality recording as possible. A good quality sound booth is a great way to do this, but another major factor to consider is your microphone. Both your microphone and your booth are going to impact the quality of your vocals, so you need to take a look at your budget and determine how to balance a limited budget and get the best quality sound.

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