Over the past few weeks, Apex Legends Pathfinder voice, Chris Edgerly has been giving gaming as the character he voices a try. Ironically, though Chris provides the voice of the automaton, Pathfinder, in Apex Legends, he isn't a seasoned gamer, but when his brother Dave, and friend, John, convince him to pick up a controller and play Apex Legends with them, things get pretty intense...and also a little hilarious.

Apex Legends Pathfinder Voice, Chris Edgerly, Plays Apex Legends

Apex Legends Pathfinder voice, Chris Edgerly, isn't new to gaming, but he isn't exactly a pro...at least not when it comes to playing Apex Legends. Over the past few weeks, Chris's brother, Dave, and friend, John, committed to changing this. The result was a series of video clips that showcase the learning process of playing Apex Legends as a NOOB! Check out the first video in the series below, just be sure to cover the kid's ears because, although hilarious, things do get a little colorful!

Chris: "What's up everybody, it's Chris Edgerly, voice of Pathfinder in Apex Legends, and I'm about to go and learn how to play this game, and bear with me because I am gonna be pretty awful for a while. So, hey, let's go and find out what happens! High-five and get ready to die a lot!

Video Captions: After a few minutes of practice, Chris is jumping into Apex Legends. Chris is playing with his brother, Dave, and friend, John, both experienced players.

What follows is sure to make you laugh. Despite looking for a gun for most of his playing time of the first game, Chris manages not to find a single one and as a result, ends up fighting barehanded. Although, we say "fighting" there wasn't too much actual fighting going on and after seconds pass, Pathfinder meets his demise.

Not one to be defeated, Chris tries again and jumps right back into another game with Dave and John. This time, with a gun in hand, Chris manages to stick around just a little longer, but still hasn't achieved his first kill.

Willing to try, yet again, Chris, Dave, and John head into another match. This time around, there's plenty of gunfire and Chris is even the one doing the shooting...but that doesn't stop his character from being slaughtered in the first few seconds of the game yet again!

After a grueling few matches and quite a bit of frustration, it's obvious that a break is in order, but this isn't the end of Chris's foray into Apex Legends, with the release of Apex Legends Season 2 just after this video, Chris has a lot more practice in store for him if he's going to do Apex Legends Pathfinder any justice!

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If you enjoyed watching Chris play Apex Legends and want to see more of this video series, you can tune into the Chris Edgerly YouTube channel and watch the rest of this first series in one shot!