If you're an Apex Legends fan then you know that today is the day for the Apex Legends Season 2 drop! It's a huge release - hence why it's being referred to as "season 2" - and we've got plenty of news in relation to the update as well as some fun Chris Edgerly updates!

Apex Legends Season 2 and Some New Chris Edgerly Videos!

First, let's talk about those new Chris Edgerly videos...

Chris Edgerly Playing Apex Legends

As you know, Chris Edgerly is the voice behind Pathfinder, an automaton on a search for his creator. Well, despite voicing Pathfinder, Chris had never actually played Apex Legends before and his brother Dave and friend John (both experienced players) decide to teach him the ropes. Things don't go all that well...in fact, they go quite miserably and unfortunately, Chris spends many games getting eliminated by other players much to the amusement of his brother and friend. Eventually, Chris does manage to get his first kill, but not before a whole lot of colorful language and a lot of hilarious commentary. You can find video clips of Chris trying to master Apex Legends on the Chris Edgerly channel and you can expect new clips to be added as Chris tries to perfect his survival skills!

Apex Legends Season 2

Now, if you're a serious Apex Legends gamer then you know that today marks the release of Apex Legends Season 2 - Battle Charge. The new release has a number of added features - yes, Chris is going to have to learn to master the game all over again even though he's yet to master the first season!

Each season of Apex Legends is expected to span around 3 months. Season 3 is expected to be released in September and season 4 is expected to be released in December.

What does the new Apex Legends Season 2 release have to offer?

Map Changes

The new Season 2 release will also see some geographical changes to the Apex Legends map. Landmarks will be destroyed by Flyers and Leviathans creating an entirely different landscape for gaming.

New Challenges

Apex Legends Season 2 also sees the addition of daily challenges in addition to weekly challenges to create a little more variety for players rather than just having them play consistently to earn rewards.  Both daily and weekly challenges will count towards players' Battle Pass and many will grant a Battle Pass level.

Ranked Leagues Mode

Ranked leagues will allow more competitive players to prove themselves in battle and receive recognition for their skills through the ranking of leagues. There will be six ranking levels that each have four divisions that are designed to better match players in matchmaking play. Players will need to forfeit ranking points to engage in ranked matches and they will earn RP throughout the match.

A New Weapon

The L-STAR plasma rifle is a fast-firing automatic plasma gun that has slower projectiles but can wreak some serious havoc with its huge projectile size and ability to blow down doors. The drawback of this new gun? It comes with a limited amount of ammo that cannot be replaced and if the trigger is held down for too long the gun will quickly overheat. The L-STAR will be exclusive to air-dropped care packages.

New weapon buffs are also going to make an appearance in season 2!

A New Legend

Wattson AKA Natalie Paquette AKA the daughter of the founder of Kings Canyon is a new character whose special centers on her electrical abilities...get it, Watt-son? Able to create a laser barrier that blocks off an area that only her teammates can pass through. Wattson's ultimate allows her to destroy incoming projectiles like grenades and if you're nearby, you will notice that your tactical ability will recharge faster. Wattson's passive recharges her ultimate to 100% when any ultimate accelerants are used.

More Legendaries

Season 2 will also see more legendaries (5 that will be rolled out between levels 1 to 100) for Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass holders and these players will also receive materials that will allow them to craft their own legendary of choice.

Are You an Apex Legends Fan?

If you're a fan of Apex Legends, it's time to log some more hours on that console and get busy with the Apex Legends Season 2 release! Not only will you have a chance to check out all the new features, but you might also have the opportunity to play against Chris Edgerly himself. Keep an eye out for "TheEdgevoice" but if you're teamed up against him be gentle, as you can see from his recent YouTube channel clips, Chris is still learning the ropes!