Apex Legends Season Two has been out for long enough for seasoned pros to master the new changes, but for voice actor Chris Edgerly - the voice of Pathfinder - mastering the new release will have to wait because he's still working on mastering the basics!

Apex Legends Season Two Has Fun In Store For Voice Actor Chris Edgerly!

Just days before Apex Legends Season Two was released, Chris's brother, Dave, and friend John convinced Chris to pick up a controller and try his hand at playing Apex Legends. Although Chris voiced Apex Legends character Pathfinder, he had yet to really play the game and if you caught last week's video post then you'll know that things didn't exactly go too well. It's not that Chris isn't a gamer or that the game is too difficult, but like most games, Apex Legends comes with a learning curve.

Today we're sharing the second video in the series of Chris trying his hand at Apex Legends and while he's not exactly killing it...actually, he's getting slaughtered...his gameplay is improving...ever so slightly. As the second installment of this video series gets underway we hear Chris saying: "I am not good at long range…also at short range I’m not good…don’t think I’m that great at medium range…I can’t seem to find a range where I might get somebody…” This proves to be more than a little true when, 12 seconds into the clip, Chris's character is gunned down by another player. We hear Dave, Chris's brother, and John, Chris's friend, in the background, unable to contain their laughter, but Chris keeps trying to master his role as Pathfinder. A few seconds later, Chris's character plummets off a cliff and dies again. Seconds later, a more experienced player shuffles Chris's character off the automaton coil for the third time.

Determined to get a hang of playing the character he voices in Apex Legends, Chris takes a few pointers from Dave and John, learning how the weapons in the game work and how he can use Pathfinder's skills to his advantage while playing the game. Things go quite well for a few minutes and Chris starts making some great progress...at least, he was until his ammo ran out, and then things start to get a little more colorful in the language department!

Apex Legends Season Two

If you have yet to play Apex Legends season two or if you just want the chance to catch Chris playing the game himself, grab your copy of the game today and hop online! You never know, you might be on the next squad to square up against Chris, Dave, and John!

Have You Played Apex Legends Season Two Yet?

Have you tried your hand at Apex Legends Season two yet? If not, then it's time that you do and make sure to get a little time playing as Pathfinder, you'll hear a familiar voice!