In a recent interview, Chris Edgerly let slip that he will be voicing a character in the next Respawn game...that is, the next Respawn Entertainment game release! During the interview, featured in, Chris also talks a little bit about his work as Pathfinder and his work on video game voice-overs in general.

Next Respawn Game to Feature Chris Edgerly, Voice of Pathfinder

For those of you who don't know, Respawn Entertainment is the same company that produced Apex Legends (that's the game in which Chris voices the character of Pathfinder - an automaton in search of his creator) and according to his most recent interview featured in, Chris is all set to feature in their next Respawn game too!

Although Chris is holding his cards close to his chest (a requirement of most voice actors when a project has yet to be released), he is able to share that he is currently working on a performance-capture role for a Respawn Entertainment video game.

What is Performance Capture?

Performance capture work in the video game industry requires actors to wear sensors that track their movement so that those movements can be incorporated into the game to give it a more realistic vibe. During this most recent interview, Chris tells his interviewer that since he doesn't pursue on-screen acting roles, this type of work is the closest that he comes to it. Although, if you read the entire article, you will learn that Chris does have on-screen acting roles in his portfolio!

When Will the Next Respawn Entertainment Game Be Released?

So, when can you expect the announcement of the next Respawn game? It's expected that Respawn Entertainment will announce their next title (featuring Chris Edgerly) in September of this year.

Until it's release, though, you can occupy your time by logging in to Apex Legends and finding Chris (Gamertag TheEdgeVoice) on Xbox. Just be sure to give him a chance before you slaughter his character...better yet, give him some pointers. If you're not sure why Chris Edgerly might need your Apex Legends playing tips, take a look at some of Chris's most recent videos of him in action. Although he's been trying to master the Respawn Entertainment game (in which he voiced Pathfinder the automaton) for some time, as you will soon see, progress has been slow. Fortunately for us, though, when it comes to voice acting in video games, Chris has no problems at all!

You can read the rest of Chris's Interview with by clicking here.

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