If you've ever wondered what Gary Busey would sound like playing video games, just check out this recent video of Chris doing his Gary Busey impression while he was playing Apex Legends!

Chris Edgerly Gary Busey Impression While Playing Apex Legends

If you missed the past few weeks of videos then here's the deal...

As most of you know, Chris Edgerly is the voice of the automaton named Pathfinder on the Apex Legends video game. Until a few weeks ago, however, Chris had yet to try the game for himself. When his brother and best friend learned this, they resolved to teach Chris how to play.

Now, it's not as though Chris hasn't played video games before, but there's something a little different about Apex Legends. Something so different, that before his first kill, Chris's character (Pathfinder, of course) must have died upwards of twenty times.

Not to be deterred, Chris continued trying to build his Apex Legends skill, but when it became apparent that it just wasn't his forte and that he was only tagging along for entertainment value, Chris did what he does best...he entertained.

Check out one of Chris's more recent performances as Chris steps into character as Gary Busey and plays a round of Apex Legends as the actor. We don't blame anyone for laughing because Chris absolutely nails it in this clip. He may not have the Apex Legends skills down quite yet, but one thing is for certain, he's got that Gary Busey impression mastered!

So, the next time you log in to the game and you see TheEdgeVoice playing, even if you hear a celebrity's voice instead, reach out and say hi before you take aim and fire!

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