Video game voiceover talent, Chris Edgerly, has recently been picking up the controller for some serious Apex Legends gaming sessions. When he first began playing, we watched as Chris struggled to make his first kills while teamed up with his brother and best friend. As time progressed, we've seen Chris making some progress and these days those kills come a little more easily. With a little more gaming knowledge under his belt, Chris began accepting squad invites from fans of the game and of the Apex Legends character that Chris voices, Pathfinder. This week though, Chris decided to accept squad invites from completely random people, and things got a little weird...

Video Game Voiceover Talent, Chris Edgerly, Gaming With Apex Legends Gamers

In this week's clip of Chris playing with fellow Apex Legends gamers, things got a little weird... Chris played as Pathfinder as he usually does and it wasn't long before the fun began. Then....there was silence. Silence, when you're a comedian, is more than a little unnerving, but having fun anyway, Chris kept playing. The ENTIRE game, not one player responded to Pathfinder playing as Pathfinder....

...And then we realized that his other teammates didn't have their mic's turned on...

Come on Apex players, turn those mic's on, it makes gameplay so much more fun and it's a great opportunity for you to ask Chris your questions about his voice-over career or your plans for voice over work in the future!

Ready to Play on a Squad with Video Game Voiceover Actor Chris Edgerly?

If you're interested in playing Apex Legends with Chris AKA Pathfinder, just look out for "TheEdgeVoice" when you're playing and give him a shout out! Chris is always happy to play with fans of the game...especially when they let him play as Pathfinder!

Looking for more gaming footage of Chris Edgerly playing Apex Legends? Keep an eye on the Chris Edgerly Mixer page or the Chris Edgerly YouTube page. There is plenty of great video footage of Chris in action and not just when he's playing the character of Pathfinder! Chris has a large portfolio of work for you to check out, everything from TV cartoons to video games and commercials!

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If you're interested in having Chris voice characters for your next production, whether it's a video game, movie, animated TV or movie character, or commercial, reach out to his team today!

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