Voice actor Chris Edgerly has to admit to having a soft spot for video game voice overs, but once in a while, he has the opportunity to work on a film or movie role and add a little variety into the mix! Today we're going to share clips from 6 film projects that Chris has had the opportunity to work on in the past!

1. Disney's "The Wild"

In Disney's 2006 animated film, "The Wild", voice actor Chris Edgerly voices one of the two secret agent chamaeleons named Cloak. While his partner Camo is immersed in the secret agent life of stealth and camouflage, Cloak is less of a credit to his profession and has a terrible habit of letting all of those top secret tidbits slip! Although he's not the kind of secret agent you'd want working your case and always a thorn in his partner's side, Cloak has a good heart and is sure to make you laugh!

2. Columbia Pictures "Passengers"

In Columbia Pictures 2016 sci-fi/drama/romance movie, "Passengers", voice actor Chris Edgerly voices both the Deejay and the InfoMat. In perhaps his most memorable interchange in the movie, Chris Pratt and Infomat (Chris Edgerly) discuss how messages are sent to Earth and when InfoMat gives Pratt an answer he doesn't much care for, Pratt tells InfoMat to bite him, to which InfoMat responds that it's "happy to help".

3. Imagine Entertainment's "J. Edgar"

In Imagine Entertainment's 2011 biopic film, "J. Edgar", voice actor Chris Edgerly voices Agent Shackley. Shackley whose character is based on Agent Theodore Shackley, an experienced counterintelligence officer with the CIA. Shackley would go on to be recognized as one of the CIA's most decorated agents and was frequently referred to as the "blond ghost" due to his surreptitious nature and his light blond hair. He was the station chief for Miami during the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Cuban Project. Most notably in 1976, Agent Shackley was appointed as the Associate Deputy Director for Operations, the second in charge of CIA covert operations.

4. The Animation Picture Company's "Outback"

In the Animated Picture Company's 2012 animated film, "Outback", voice actor Chris Edgerly voices Boris the vulture. Responsible for revealing that Bog the giant crocodile is planning to take over the Billabong, Boris the vulture is much like Chris's character of Cloak in Disney's "The Wild", in that he's simply terrible at keeping secrets!

5. Warner Brothers "Happy Feet"

In Warner Brother's 2006 animated film, "Happy Feet", voice actor Chris Edgerly voices multiple characters including one of the elder penguins and various human and other Voices. This is the type of work that Chris is really skilled in performing and if you've caught him in The Simpson's before, you will know that this is the type of work he does for America's favorite animated family! From a guy in the background to Mo Szyslak's brother, Merv Syzslak, Chris's vocal range when voice acting is simply incredible when you consider the array of characters that he has played in the past!

6. Square Enix Company's "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children"

In Square Enix's  2005 Japanese animated film, "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children", voice actor Chris Edgerly gives his voice to the beloved and recurring character of Cid Highwind. In this film, Highwind is working with the WRO as an airship pilot and leader of the air fleet and still possesses all of the characteristics that video game fans of Cid's character loved him for. Foulmouthed Cid is a former mechanical scientist who longs to send a rocket into space and despite being very short tempered and a chain smoker, his heart truly is in the right place which is perhaps why he is a character that we continue to see in the Final Fantasy game series!

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