Your favorite voice actor and the voice of Pathfinder in Apex Legends has been at it again! With a controller in hand, he heads out into the sandy wilderness, but after two hours of gaming and missing lunch, things take a turn for the worst. Ever heard a voice actor getting cranky? Watch this video and you can say that you have!

Voice of Pathfinder (Chris Edgerly), Gets a Little Cranky Playing Apex Legends

You've heard us talk about how much Chris loves playing Apex Legends as Pathfinder and the only "rule" to play him in Apex Legends is to choose any other character except for Pathfinder, right? Well, in this short clip it finally happens...someone else took the Pathfinder character which makes an already hangry Chris a little snarky...okay, a lot snarky.

Be warned, there are quite a few colorful words in this game clip. It's definitely rated 18+ so get those headphones on or wait until the kids are at school before you hit play. That said, this is a clip that will leave you laughing without a doubt! You'll get a particularly good laugh out of Chris playing as Lifeline and trying to jump with the zipline only to throw out a healing drone.

If you've ever wondered what Pathfinder would sound like in a movie like Pulp Fiction, wonder no more because those f-bombs are flying left and right.

Just a word of advice to all of you players out there, make sure Chris has had a cheeseburger before you request to play and never, ever deprive him of the opportunity to play Pathfinder!

Ready to Play on a Squad with the Official Voice of Pathfinder, Chris Edgerly?

If you've seen Chris's previous videos then you'll know that he often plays Apex Legends with his fans as well. If you want to play Apex Legends with Chris AKA Pathfinder, just look out for "TheEdgeVoice" when you're playing and give him a shout out! Chris is always happy to play with fans of the game...especially when they let him play as Pathfinder!

Looking for more gaming footage of Chris Edgerly playing Apex Legends? Keep an eye on the Chris Edgerly Mixer page or the Chris Edgerly YouTube page. There is plenty of great video footage of Chris in action and not just when he's playing the character of Pathfinder! Chris has a large portfolio of work for you to check out, everything from TV cartoons to video games and commercials!

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