When it comes to Chris Edgerly interviews, his recent interview with VO Buzz Weekly is definitely in the top ten! If you didn't catch the first half of the interview last week you can check it out here. If you're ready for the second half of the interview, here it is!

Chris Edgerly Interviews: VO Buzz Weekly Part 2

Chuck: Hey everybody Chuck and Stacey here with VO Buzz weekly again! Thank you to all the new subscribers and if you haven't subscribed yet, please do so we'd really appreciate it! And what's happening today?
Stacey: Today we have part two with the amazing Chris Edgerly did you watch part one? You need to!
Chuck: Let's get buzzed!
Narrator: Prepare to get seriously buzzed with your hosts Chuck Duran and Stacey J Aswad!
Stacey: Is it true or false that you got in trouble when you went on the Ariel's Undersea Adventure?
Chris: A little bit, a little bit yeah...I mean
Stacey: Confess, what did you do?
Chris: Well right, I guess the ride was a soft opening
Chuck and Stacey: Yeah
Chris: And so Pat Brady, my agent - the reason I have a career, you know, she said
Stacey: *Inaudible*
Chris: Yep exactly and she had some of her clients that had done voices for the rides like we're all over that Park - between us and some of the other guys were on a few rides, so we went on the Little Mermaid ride and
we're up in the very first car in the front seat and Scuttle starts the ride, you know "Gonna tell you a story about Ariel and the rest of the gang". And I just thought well I'm not gonna miss, this took out my phone, start recording it.
Stacey: That's not good!
Chris: It was just for me, you know I don't even have an active Twitter.
Stacey: Something for you.
Chris: Exactly, I know so we go through the ride have a blast and then at the end of the ride two smiling
young fresh-scrubbed faces greeted us and said: "hey we couldn't help but notice on our security cameras that
you were recording the ride." And I said "oh yeah, yeah, see! Ya, you don't know this but, yeah, I'm Scuttle! They said, "yeah, that's great, can we see your phone, please?" I said well, yeah sure. And he says "We just have to erase this." I said yeah but, but I'm Scuttle! That was my voice I was recording! "Sure, yeah I know and that's great and that's wonderful, you're Scuttle, there you go!" and so...
Chuck: Wow!
Chris: He had to erase it. of course, now on YouTube, you can see the entire ride from every conceivable angle!
Stacey: Yeah
Chris: So they just didn't want it to get out before... but yeah, yeah...
Chuck: Well, I mean, that's understandable...
Chris: So yeah, I like to push it...
Stacey: He's a rebel!
Chuck: No wonder they had to board you!
Stacey: Well, while we're on that note, I love Gobber!
Chris: Thank You
Stacey: Gobber is such a great character!
Chris: He's great, I mean I'm voice masking Craig Ferguson. Craig Ferguson is great, if you're watching...you
better be, it's VO Buzz Weekly, eh?
Stacey: Love Gobber, Cid Highwind in Final Fantasy...
Chris: yeah, Final Fantasy, yeah, yeah
Stacey: You have some very devoted fans!
Chris: I, there...yeah...
Stacey: He's a kooky one, that guy...
Chris: He's a, yeah, he's got that...I always gave him kind of a redneck voice.
Stacey: Yeah?
Chris: Yeah, you know, yeah, I mean he's a lot of guys I grew up with just like Cid once they get a couple of beers in them, you know? There was a guy I went to school with up at the University of Georgia, he was from Appalachia and he had a bit more of a country accent. He used to tell me, "man, last night I drank enough liquor to float a battleship." That...well, yeah...but I've noticed that some of the most devoted and rabid fans are anime fans.
Stacey: Yeah...
Chris: Yeah, I made the mistake of posting a credit a little bit too early...
Chuck: No!
Chris: That was...only happened once I did some dubbing for Naruto and...actually no, it was for the Final Fantasy thing and before the movie got released I just sort of put it up on IMDB that I Cid Highwind and Pat called me and said did you "did you put up your Cid Highwind credit?" And I said, yeah, yeah, cuz it's
official, right? She goes "well, they haven't announced the cast yet."  This is like back in '04  and I just didn't know that you didn't do that.
Stacey: Yeah
Chris: Yeah and I thought, okay I'll take it down. I mean, how big of a deal could it be? Nobody's gonna know... and sure enough, there was a 14-page message board already on some anime fan site about who the hell is Chris Edgerly and why is he doing Cid Highwind? And then someone found my original stand-up comedy headshot and put it up, "this is what he looks like". And they found my voiceover demo, snatched it
offline and said "this is what he sounds like! He does orange juice commercials..." Like, well yeah, it was a Tropicana spot...yeah that paid my pension. That was my pension credit that year, buddy! You know? Yeah, I realized, yeah, they do care.
Stacey: Yeah you don't mess with the anime...
Chris: They care lots, yeah, yeah...
Chuck: They're serious about their anime.
Chris: Yeah, I do this character named Hidan on Naruto who's the most despicable, evil, depraved character ever. So, of course, he's fun to play...
Chuck: What does he sound like?
Chris: He actually, he kind of sounds like me but just an incredibly cocky version.
Stacey: A cocky, creepy version?
Chris: If I were also homicidal. Yeah and at an extremely short fuse, you know, he gets mad a lot and he kills a lot of people and of course, it's on Disney XD...
Chuck: Oh my God!
Chris: Well it was, originally, and that I think they moved it.
Stacey: Yeah.
Chris: You know they realized "yeah, this is a bit strong..."
Chuck: Well, that's what the X is for!
Chris: Yeah, I thought do they realize, you know, this is like xxx? It wasn't...I don't think... it's just really...it's just a really intense show...but...yeah. Like, I don't do very many conventions...or I didn't, I'm gonna step into that world a little bit more, I think in future...but people at the conventions love that. Like, you know, do Hidan into my phone and do his laughs and all that. And it's like they're...yeah.
Chuck: So, I have to take you here man...
Stacey: I know, because you love it!
Chuck: One of you or one of your incredible talents is your ability to impersonate.
Chris: Yes
Chuck: You are a master...
Chris: Why thank you!
Chris: Thank you!
Chuck: And there's no way that we're going to let you leave this...
Chris: Okay...
Chuck:...without showing our audience out there,
Chris: Because...
Chuck: ...some of your freaking a-list impressions.
Stacey: Not necessarily your typical, uh...
Chris: Right...
Stacey: But you can also find this on youtube, you guys.
Chris: Yeah, I did a few. I have friends who are always telling me "Look at this guy! This guy does like 80 impressions and it's in one minute!" and he's got all these cuts in there and "You should do one of those!" I
said I used to do that on stage I'm sick of doing that.
Chuck: Yeah
Chris: You know, but I thought finally after somebody asking me for the umpteenth time I thought alright, fine I'll put a small one together and I put together like some of the more offbeat ones. You know and...
Stacey: Liam Neeson, Chuck loves Liam Neeson...
Chuck: I love Liam Neeson! I'd never heard anybody really do him and when I heard it, you do it, I was like oh my God! Like he's freaking nailed that!
Chris as Liam Neeson: Well, the thing about Liam Neeson is this you have to grow about four inches in your own mind, Chuck and you have to be ready to kill a man with your own bare hands. But he was a wolf in a movie and that's that!
Chuck: That's so good!
Chris: I thank you!
Chuck: Yeah, I love that! I love that! Can I, can I throw a couple others at you?
Chris: Sure!
Chuck: What about Matthew McConaughey is McConaughey...is it McConaughAy McConaughI?
Stacey: McConaughay.
Chuck: McConaughay.
Chris as McConaughay: Well, he may say howdy, I don't know. That's the thing about Matthew, is, I mean, he's even more laid-back than I am, I tell you what. All right, all right, all right!"
Chris: Yeah he's got those weird S's. You got to put a couple of dimples in your face.
Stacey: Did you go and buy a Lincoln?
Chris: Yeah I did, I have one of them there Continentals and I just started having monologues with myself.
Chuck: Uh, Jeff Goldblum.
Chris as Jeff Goldblum: Ah yes I okay, hi I'm gonna, I'm gonna I'm gonna take some some weird pauses and I'm gonna get quiet and then Oh something else I'm gonna do is...is...is this, this as I'm gonna ramble, but, but it's gonna sound incredibly erudite because I, in addition to that I'm very well-spoken...
Chuck: What about Antonio Banderas!
Chris as Antonio Banderas: Well, the thing about Antonio Banderas is you have to be very quiet. I mean, you could be louder you know like a Spaniard, you could do that, but, but he's a yeah he's a more sultry...if you can. Like that is how I like to talk to my wife, who is a from Venezuela. Hey, I have to pretend I'm from Espania see, so there is a cultural divide, but we are still, you know, very much a connected.
Chuck: Oh, that is so good man!
Chris: Thank you!
Chuck: Any other, like, favorites that you really like?
Stacey: Your Michael Caine is pretty freaking great!
Chris: Oh...ah... the best Michael Caine you can possibly see is on The Trip, that's with Steve Coogan and, oh God, I'm gonna forget the other guy's name, but it's a great sort of documentary sort of movie and they're doing dueling Michael Caine's.
Stacey and Chuck: Oh!
Chris: ...and it's great! I'm gonna imitate their imitation! it's just...
Chris as Michael Caine: You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off! She was only, she was only 15 years old! And if you're going to do older Michael Caine, your voice has to shake...that's the way Steve Coogan does it. And I like to do it from victories talking to Frank Stallone...no, not Frank Stallone, the one with the career...Sylvester Stallone...Hatch, stay on the bloody line! I can do it better when I shout! He's giving me two...but as Michael Caine that means something else altogether, you're gonna have to blur that out!
Chuck: That is out of this world!
Chris: Well, that's a little seventies...
Chuck: You're freakin' face...like, you, you look like him!
Chris: It's cause I used to do these on stage and you have to kind of sell it.
Stacey and Chuck: Yeah!
Chris: Like I do...I would do Peter O'Toole on stage like a Charlie Rose interview. Peter O'Toole every question he gets asked, his answer has to do with alcohol...like...
Chris as Charlie Rose: Peter how do you prepare for a role?
Chris as Peter O'Toole: Well, that's a very good question, Charlie. The first thing I like to do is to fill an above ground swimming pool with Bbourbon and then I have my script laminated. And into the Bourbon, I go with a pair of swimming trunks and when all the Bourbon is gone I feel as though I've got a handle on the character!
Chuck: Oh my God! I'm gonna pee myself!
Stacey: It's bananas! Well, clean up on set!
Chuck: Hey, Chris?
Chris: Yes, Chuck?
Chuck: Do you audition for jobs still or do they just give you the jobs?
Chris: Yeah, right, would that were true. No, we are still auditioned.
Chuck: I know, I just like asking you.
Chris: Yeah that's a common question - I think people probably just think. They make me live in solid gold houses, are ferried home by limo and...
Stacey: Yeah...
Chuck: I want everybody to know that even the pros, no matter what level they're at, they audition for stuff.
Chris: We grind it out. We're grinders.
Chuck: Yeah, exactly, grinding it out.
Chris: This is...this is the...yeah, I mean I'm a lunch pail guy. I send in auditions every day and the booking ratio is very small because the volume is so big.
Chuck:  Now let me ask you, was the booking ratio once upon a time, for you anyways, was it higher and you know it's a little lower or...
Chris: I have no idea because I try not to think about the ones I don't get because they vastly outnumber the ones you do get, you know. I'm thankful for the jobs I do have, like some jobs, they last for years and it's one audition.
Chuck: Right.
Chris: You know I've been doing stuff for Dominoes for nine years. And it was one audition and it was at 4:50 p.m. on a Friday. I lived in Brentwood at the time and I had to be at voice casters in Burbank on Friday at 4:50 p.m. I thought that's the last place I want to have to drive to, but I drove to it because I thought 'you never
know'. I had one line in the audition and I read that and I booked it and I've been doing that for nine years and it's just one audition that went well out of...I don't know how many I had that week...15 or 20?
Stacey and Chuck: Yeah.
Chris: So you know, yeah you...you never know which one is going to be the one that clicks. If I go back and look at the things I've booked, I can't always remember what I did for the audition or what I was thinking...if I knew...
Stacey: Are you a harsh critic of your work or do you kind of just do...
Chris: It's funny...
Stacey: ... go in and get out and move on...
Chris: If I'm at the agency and there's a booth director directing me, I'll go in and I'll usually get it in one take, maybe two and that's it I'm done. I'm completely happy with it and if I'm at home seven eight nine takes because I'll go "yeah, I could do better, I could do better, I could do better. I think that happens to all of us.
Chuck: What are you listening for?
Chris: I just...it's a feel. I just like to imagine if I was the casting director and I was listening to that, would I like it?
Chuck: But you don't you know...
Chris: They give you the breakdown, yeah, but you don't know if that's really what they're gonna go with
because I'll remember certain parts...I'll see it on TV and I think that's not what they were asking for they changed their mind! Right, you know, or someone came in and so blew them away with a different take they thought forget what we wanted that's what we want!
Stacey: Yeah
Chris: They don't know what they want until they hear it sometimes that's...that's probably the way we would all be in that job. It's a tough job.
Chuck: It is!
Stacey: So at this point, you know, hundreds of hundreds and hundreds of jobs later and thousands of auditions later are you pretty much fine tuned with I go with my gut and...
Chuck: I think you have to.
Chris: Yeah, I mean, I've tried second-guessing myself and it's usually the same result as going with my gut. I mean there's the rare thing where if they want something uber specific then you can be uber specific with your read...but basically they shotgun it out there and the fine-tuning happens on the day... you know. I did something for the movie Chappaquiddick which is out now and I read just a couple of different lines with a Boston accent and when I went in to do the gig I did it with an ADR group then they separated me for that one thing and that's when they started to tweak. "Alright try this, try this, try this." I didn't have the ability to do that for the audition.
Stacey: Right.
Chris: I gave him one thing that I thought I could do well, they heard it and thought ok that's what we need and we can work with them from there. So as specific as you want to get...I think when you get too specific you're giving them less than you think you're giving them. If you get tied into one kind of read you're going all out with that, that's great, that might work, but sometimes it's better to let them know that you could go either way. Put in more than one take if you can. Yeah, if you can do more than one thing and if they say it's okay, do it! You know give them more than one way to think of you doing the job.
Chuck: Do you clean your auditions up?
Chris: I do. I'll take some breaths that you know, if I'm at home and I know I've got the...the time, I'll take a good breath so I can get through a long piece of copy, where you can tell they don't want you breathing in the midst of it. So, yeah, I'll clean that up because why let them have to wade through that? You know? Why leave it for them to do it? So I give them something as pristine as possible.
Chuck: Yeah.
Chris: I think it can only help.
Chuck: Yeah, good. You're a good boy.
Chris: I try!
Stacey: He's cleanin' up his act.
Chris: Right.
Stacey: So your brothers...you have a very creative and artistic...
Chris: Yeah, three brothers...
Stacey: ...group of siblings and you guys...is it with one of your brothers that you're creating...
Chris: Mmhmm, my brother Dave.
Stacey: Yeah
Chris: Yeah, my older brother Dave...
Stacey: Hey Dave!
Chris: Yeah, hey Dave!
Stacey: What are you guys working on? What's the...
Chris: Well we have a little side hustle, I like to call Edgy Brothers and...
Chuck: Edgy Brothers?
Chris: Yeah, you know we're Edgerly and we try and be a little bit edgy with what we create. You know, originally like my brother is a very talented artist - I always like to say as good as I am with voices, that's as good as he is with graphic design, with sculpting, with animation...he can do all of that. So we originally created something for Kickstarter. We created a deck of cards because apparently, you can design a deck
of cards and Bicycle, the US playing card company, will print them for you if you give them enough money and so people go on Kickstarter and they design these decks of cards and they get funding for it and then they...BOOM, they go have bicycle make them! So we did a few decks of cards that did pretty well and then we've sold all those. And when you have a physical product you've got to store it, you've got to inventory it, you've got to do wholesale deals, you've got a ship to buyers, and we thought, well enough of that we like to create, we don't like to deal with all that other stuff...
Chuck: Yeah
Chris: So, we finally have settled on just making digital content. So my brother is an animation whiz, he found a good animation program. I'll record these voices. I'll email them to him and he'll animate to them. So we came up with this one-minute series of clips we call Happy Hour. And I asked my brother, what's the easiest thing for you to animate, and he said something with no arms or legs because that's the least amount of movement possible. So I thought all right, well what about what about glasses and cups and things? He goes "perfect, we'll do that!" So he just put mouths on these glasses and it's these bar glasses talking to each other and one of them sounds like Jeff Goldblum, one of them sounds like Harvey Fierstein, one of them sounds like Gary Busey. Like the beer is Gary Busey, the Collins glass is Jeff Goldblum, the hurricane glass where you put pina coladas and fruity drinks is Harvey Fierstein. We have a shot glass, it sounds like Martin Scorsese...he talks really fast and he goes from subject to subject and then he changes his mind every now and then, somebody drinks and he puts them back down, we gotta get filled up again before he talks some more, you know, kind of like that, yeah, and we just have them all interact with each other and we do these quick one-minute clips and we put them up just on YouTube for people to enjoy. And we have, like, the not-safe-for-work version.
Stacey: Right.
Chris: Which is just on Patreon and we don't really have anybody supporting us at the moment because I've barely talked about it.
Stacey: Yeah
Chris: But we put it up on Patreon and we would love to be able to generate some support so we can just pay for being able to make them.
Chuck: What's the Patreon URL for that?
Stacey: Yes, tell people how they can support you!
Chris: Yes go...I guess it's on Patreon. It's Edgy Brothers.
Chuck: Edgy Brothers? Ok
Chris: Just lookup Edgy Brothers it should take us to our page, but Happy Hour is the name of the series we do. But Edgy Brothers Presents is really kind of the name of the series we give it because at some point we'll do a few episodes of that and then we're gonna pivot and do a different animation idea because you know like anybody my brother likes to try something new. So we're thinking about doing something with like animals and maybe do a podcast style with the animals and...
Chuck: That's cool.
Chris: Yeah, whatever voices I sent him he's gonna animate and we'd just sort of like it to be this living breathing thing this is what we're gonna pivot to but...the point is we want to be able to think of voices to do, write something for them, I send it to my brother, he animates it, boom we put it up online, and let's see if anyone wants to support us.
Stacey: Totally cool, it's a family...keep it in the family!
Chris and Chuck: Absolutely!
Stacey: And to be able to generate content and nurture your creativity is fantastic!
Chris: That's, to me, the best thing is, yeah you can decide what you're going to put up there and you can go straight to people who like what you do. Put it up online, let them find it and if they want to...they want to support you...you can support us for a dollar a month.
Stacey: Yeah!
Chuck: Now, is...does it only live on Patreon or does it also live on YouTube?
Chris: You can find episodes on YouTube. Once they've been out for a week or two we put the clean version on YouTube.
Chuck: Yeah
Chris: Then we keep the not-safe-for-work not-safe-for-work version on Patreon where you have to...you
have to kind of support us to see that. You know like, again, a dollar a month.
Chuck: Hey, why don't we help them out?
Stacey: Yeah!
Chris: Why not?
Chuck: Edgy Brothers!
Stacey: Yeah
Chris: For a buck a month you can see all the stuff we've done.
Chuck: That's so cool.
Chris: Thank you, thank you, it's fun!
Chuck: Hey Chris, what do you think are some of the keys to your longevity besides your awesome talent?
Chris: Why thank you!
Stacey: Mm-hmm and your wife's fashion sense
Chuck: And your wife's fashion...
Chris: She picks it out, I take it to the tailor and say cut it to give me muscles and boom! I honestly wouldn't be doing anything else. This is all I can...it's not all I can do, but it's what I want to do very very badly and I'm going to be a creator until the day I die because that's who I am. My uncle is a psychologist and he used
to tell me don't be an artist you are an artist.
Chuck: Yeah
Chris: It doesn't take any effort to be an artist, that's who you are every breath you take, that's who you are,  that's who you guys are, you guys are artists. I hang out, talk with you, you know I can tell you know this is what you do and you have to be around it and your tribe is other artists.
Chuck: Yeah
Chris: Other people who rock out, people who dance, people who do all those things.
Chuck: Yeah
Chris: That's my tribe, that's who I am, that's who I hang out with and I mix it up with civilians all the time. I get along with everybody.
Chuck: Yeah
Chris: But there's a disconnect. I don't quite get them and they don't quite get me because they go to a job that can, for them, sometimes be a chore. But sometimes they go to a job that they feel in their bones the way I feel what I do. There are people who are accountants and they feel it in their bones,  that's what they do.
Stacey and Chuck: Yeah
Chris: And they've never worked a day in their lives...so longevity is...I stuck with it because even when I wasn't making any money doing it, it's what I wanted to do and if I was in it for results only, I probably would have quit.
Stacey: Yeah, it's exactly who you are.
Chris: Yes. And when I, like my wife got to go see me do a job where they didn't quite know what they wanted, but they had already worked with me and they said we're fleshing this character out, all this session is gonna be is us throwing ideas at you and my wife is a musician and I told her later I said "That was jazz, what you saw", because they said "Try it with this accent, okay try it from this part of the country, what if he's this age,
what if he's that age, what if he's feeling this or that" and I loved it! They were paying me to go to acting class.
Stacey: Yeah.
Chris: I mean and I walked out of there...I fairly flew out of there...
Stacey: Yeah
Chris: ...on a cloud because they paid me and I got to do the thing that I would do anyway.
Stacey: Yeah
Chris: So my longevity is solely due to the fact that I don't want to be doing anything else. I'm always going to be performing somewhere, somehow.
Stacey: Yeah
Chuck: That's really good.
Chris: Yeah and I think anyone who's looking to get into it, you know if it's what you want to do, you're gonna because you're gonna take a pounding even after you quote-unquote made it. Even after you've had a year where you finally qualified for insurance or maybe you finally got enough money together to put down on a condo or a house or something and you're living like an adult. Yes! I've made it and then the next year it's gonna be brutal for some reason, you can't...you get arrested or whatever, you're gonna think...wait, I thought I had it! It's like no you have it, you still have it. It's never gonna go away, but the way the industry responds to you may change from year to year. But if you can deal with that, if you can deal with that uncertainty, you'll...you'll never quit.
Chuck: Yeah
Chris: You know...
Chuck: Because that's who you are!
Stacey: It's like not breathing, and that's what it is for you.
Chuck: So, let's hear some more impressions...no, I'm just kidding...
Chris: Come on!
Stacey: We have a mystery question for you...
Chris: Okay. Oh boy,
Stacey: You can pick it from anywhere in the deck...
Chuck: Thin to win, thin to win...
Chuck: Can you read it in one of your favorite characters?
Chris: Okay, let's see...
Stacey: Or one of your least favorite characters!
Chris: Least favorite characters...
Chuck: Or an imitation of a friend you like?
Chris: Hmm I will read this as my sophomore year history teacher in college. "Would you rather meet your great-great grandparents or your great-great grandchildren?" Somehow I fell asleep in his class by the way
Stacey: How could you? He sounds like a...
Chris: I know. How do you make history boring?
Chuck: Now you have used his voice for some product, no?
Chris: No. One day, one day that auditions gonna land!
Stacey: That's hysterical!
Chris: I don't know if he's lucky or...
Stacey: He clearly made an impression on you, not necessarily in the history realm...
Chris: I know, I know, because I could have pulled out any celebrity but no, this guy deserves to be heard, you know.
Chuck: We love him, he's great.
Stacey: Exactly, like the question
Chris: Wow, that is an amazing question...would you rather meet your great-great grandparents or your great-great grandchildren...you know what, I'd rather meet my great-great grandchildren. I can read about my great-great grandparents you know and maybe know them somehow but they've already passed their genes on to me so I'm already carrying them.
Stacey: You're such a good dad!
Chris: Yeah, but I want to meet my great-great grandchildren and I want them...I want them to tell me how's it going?
Chuck: Yeah...
Chris: You know what's the world like? What do you like? Because maybe I'd have something to pass on to them. It's like, what do you like? What's...and I would ask them two questions, I'd say what do you enjoy doing? And what's giving you a hard time, what's bothering you? Aand whatever they're enjoying I'd say good, good, good tell me more about that. Tell me what you love about that so, you know, don't ever forget that and then whatever's bothering them we'll get that sorted out, you know, we'll give them the right attitude about that.
Chuck: Yeah
Chris: You know, so yeah, grandchildren.
Chuck: Great, fantastic man!
Stacey: You are good people, Chris Edgerly
Chuck: You are good peeps, dude.
Chris: I try! At least when I'm on camera!
Stacey: Thanks for being here!
Chuck: Absolutely, dude, and I gotta say, man, right from the friggin moment that we...well I mean, you guys have known each other for a little bit, right?
Stacey: Little bit, yeah.
Chuck: But we just met for the first time...
Chris:...over at the office
Chuck: over at the CESD
Chris: Yeah but you're one of those guys, everybody warms up to you...
Chuck: Well, everybody warms up to you, but well...no I mean like instantly, there was like when we left, I was like wow what a freaking cool guy!
Chris: Well yeah, because my life is charmed!
Chuck: Well, no, by the way, you were like hey why don't you guys come down to this thing and blah blah and you were like instantly giving us gifts, you know.
Chris: It was great!
Chuck: Which was so cool, thank you!
Stacey: Yeah
Chris: Thank you! I mean look, people have done it for me and I do it for other people and, and you just that's what makes the world go around!
Stacey: Well, now we have your fantastic journey on the Internet!
Chuck: Absolutely, Chris Edgerly, ladies and gentlemen.  Go check out his Patreon page!
Chris: Thank you! Chuck and Stacey!
Chuck: Go give them lots of dough!
Chris: Edgy Brothers, Edgy Brothers Presents! Yeah thank you
Stacey: Always a pleasure
Chris: Chuck and Stacey!
Chris: Hey this is Chris Edgerly and I just got buzzed with Chuck and Stacey and so can you! Not really, but you know, you can if you watch, but you can't be here, that's for me...
Chris: They want me to say something funny after that...do you want me to ABC it? I can give you three
different voices... I got nothing...I got nothing...proper mic technique with Chris Edgerly don't shout your voice. Just read it the way you would normally, read it and then on camera technique is don't let your eyes cross if it happened...
Stacey: You're lensing...
Chris: No on camera for me!
Chuck: Well, that concludes our wonderful two-part episode with the awesome Chris Edgerly!
Stacey: So great, we love him!
Chuck: What a cool guy man! So, so, so, cool, go out and support his stuff man cuz he's really really a great guy and leave your comments below for us
Stacey: Absolutely and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We love you guys, thanks for watching and just remember...
Stacey and Chuck: You always have time for a little buzz...