Chris Edgerly Simpsons characters are timeless and recognized globally for their unique vocal qualities, two such characters are Animator and Waffle. Channeling Caveman and just a little bit of William F. Buckley, Edgerly brings to life both the animator from the "Angry Dad" episode of The Simpsons and the Waffle featured in the "Mixar" short from that same episode.

Chris Edgerly Simpsons Characters - Animator and Waffle

For those who are familiar with Chris Edgerly's work, it's certainly no surprise to see him tackle two vocal roles in a single episode of the Simpsons. Throughout his career working with the animated sitcom created by Matt Groening, Chris has vocalized 154 animated episodes and over 100 unique characters. Two of these characters include the dark-haired goatee donning animator and the anxiety-ridden waffle!

Chris Edgerly Simpsons Characters - Animator

In the 2011 season 22, episode 14 episode of The Simpsons titled "Angry Dad: The Movie" Chris Edgerly takes on the vocals of the excited animator who fawns over Bart Simpson when he drops by to check on the progress of the Angry Dad movie. Likening the meeting of Bart and Homer to meeting Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse at the same time and eliciting a bashful Mickey-like exclamation from Homer.

Chris Edgerly Simpsons Characters - Waffle

An anxiety-ridden waffle with vocals reminiscent of the panic-stricken gingerbread man from Shrek is the second vocal appearance for Chris in this same episode. The waffle, a character from the "Condiments" short from "Mixar" which is running against Angry Dad at the awards show, is the only character in this Pixar-spoof short that isn't actually a condiment. Some people suggest that perhaps this is why "Condiments" didn't take home the award. Despite not taking home an award, however, Edgerly manages to give this tasty breakfast treat a voice to remember.

Chris Edgerly Simpsons Characters

The animator and the waffle from the "Angry Dad: The Movie" episode of The Simpsons are two very distinct characters who couldn't be more different and in true Edgerly style, Chris brings them to life with his creative and highly-adaptable golden voice.

There certainly aren't the only two Simpsons characters that Chris has been able to work his magic on though! Other recognized Chris Edgerly Simpsons characters can be heard in episodes including Haw-Haw Land (2018), Singin' in the Lane (2017), Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus (2016), Let's Go Fly a Coot (2015), Covercraft (2014), The Saga of Carl (2013), Moonshine River (2012), and The Real Housewives of Fat Tony (2011).

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