11 Chris Edgerly Simpsons Facts You Didn’t Know

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Chris Edgerly Simpsons

We’ve shared a number of Chris Edgerly Simpsons characters here before, but with Chris having such a long career working with America’s favorite animated family, today we wanted to share a few facts that you might not know about Chris and The Simpsons!

11 Chris Edgerly Simpsons Facts You Didn’t Know!

1. “The Greatest Gig I’ll Ever Have!”

If you follow Chris on Twitter, then you will have noticed one of his latest tweets in which he referenced The Simpsons as “the greatest gig I’ll ever have!” We can’t blame him though, who wouldn’t love a job like that?! Every day you get to work with incredible talent while doing a job that you love using your natural talent!

2. The New Guy

Even though Chris has been on The Simpsons as a voice talent for the past 8+ seasons, he’s still considered the “new guy”! He laughs at this saying that in any other job he’d be considered a veteran but on the set of The Simpsons, he’s still considered a newbie!

3. His Family Include Hank Azaria, Ray Liotta, and Debi Mazar!

Okay, not REAL family, but as Marv Szyslak, Chris Edgerly is animated family to Hank Azaria, Ray Liotta, and Debi Mazar! How’s that for a crazy bunch? Want to see the whole family get together? In April 2018 The Simpsons aired the episode titled “King Leer” which showed Moe, his siblings Marv and Minnie and their father voiced by Ray Liotta.

4. Chris Edgerly LOVES Watching His Co-Workers at Work!

When on set for The Simpsons, Chris Edgerly loves to watch his talented co-workers “doing their thing”, he even says that he finds it amazing how much fun it is to watch them at work! We know plenty of people who would say the same about watching Chris in action with one of his multitude of character voices!

5. Secret Messages From His Simpsons Family

Once in a while, Chris gets secret messages from his Simpsons family and doesn’t find them until episodes air…then again, it could just be a coincidence…

6. Chris Still Looks Forward to Work

Even after eight+ seasons of working on The Simpsons as a vocal talent, Chris still looks forward to going to work! Who wouldn’t look forward to working on The Simpsons though? In the past, Chris has been noted as saying – “I’ve always believed that every day you got paid to do something you loved or avoided doing a job you hated strictly for the money was a victory.”

7. Chris’s Favorite Episode Is…

There are more than a few, but one of Chris’s very favorite episodes of The Simpsons is episode 15 of season 5 – Deep Space Homer which first aired in 1994! During this episode Homer and Barney both compete to become the first average American in space after NASA tries to renew public interest in the space program when it begins to wane.

8. Chris Has Played the Part of a Simpsons Hobbit

In The Simpsons episode titled “The Serfsons” Chris voiced the character of a Hobbit. In other episodes, Chris has also voiced William Shakespeare, Ricky Ricardo, an alien, and a demon. Talk about a diverse vocal portfolio!

9. Season 22!

The Chris Edgerly Simpson experience began allllll the way back with season 22! He’s been providing multiple Simpsons character voices ever since! The first episode that Chris voiced? “Moms I’d Like to Forget”. Voicing animated characters for The Simpsons is one of Chris’s favorite “jobs” to date!

10. Chris Sometimes Fills In…

At script reads for The Simpsons, Chris will sometimes fill in for leads who are unable to attend the reading in person or via phone. Chris has an uncanny ability to mimic the voice of many of the regular leads on The Simpsons and he always has fun doing it!

11. Chris Regularly Shares Photos From The Simpsons!

If you follow Chris on Twitter then you already know that he regularly shares photos of the Simpsons Fox Lot, Simpsons readings and other tidbits on his Twitter account! If you follow his account you’ll also catch back and forth with your other favorite Simpsons voice talents!

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