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Chris Edgerly Reminds You to Check Out Edgy Brothers Presents on Patreon!

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Chris Edgerly

Chris Edgerly would like to remind you of the newest project that he and his brother David have been working on  – Edgy Brothers Presents!

Chris Edgerly and David Edgerly on Patreon with Edgy Brothers Presents

What is Edgy Brothers Presents?

If you didn’t catch the last post about Edgy Brothers Presents, here’s a quick recap.

Edgy Brothers Presents is an animation short series developed by Chris Edgerly and his brother, David. With the vocal talents of Chris and the artistic talents of David, the series consists of quick animated shorts that take a look at everything you can possibly think of, from the comical side. The stars of the series – a range of bar glasses sitting atop the bartop of a bar – also happen to have voices and mannerisms that are extremely reminiscent of certain celebrities!

About the Patreon Campaign

So far, Edgy Brothers Presents has produced eight short animated videos in the series and all of the videos are available for viewing on the Patreon campaign page here. If you want to take a peek at the NSFW versions of each episode you can do just that with a $1 donation to the campaign!

Once you’re a supporter of the Patreon campaign, you only get charged $1 per new episode so when a new episode is released, you will automatically pay another $1 and get instant access to that video episode.

Most Patreon campaigns do a monthly payment structure, charging their subscribers each month whether or not they have added any new content. Chris and David set up their campaign so that you only pay when a new episode comes out, that way you’re not paying for something and getting nothing!

Current Edgy Brothers Presents Videos

As mentioned above, there are currently 8 Edgy Brothers Presents episodes that you can access through the official Edgy Brothers Presents YouTube channel here. Or you can watch them here instead!

Episode 1: Meditation

Join Beer, Hurricane, and Tom Collins in a little meditation as they breathe in feeling the universe coursing through them and release to feel that calmness and unwind!

Watch the NSFW version of Episode 1: Meditation

Episode 2: Film Buff

Join the glasses at the bar once again as they indulge in a little film trivia with Film Buff!

Watch the NSFW version of Episode 2: Film Buff

Episode 3: Happy Hour

The glasses are back again at the bar and this time they’re trying to keep a low profile during happy hour!

Watch the NSFW version of Episode 3: Happy Hour

Episode 4: Conspiracy Theory

This episode we join the glasses as they have a little chat about conspiracy theories…did we really land on the moon?

Watch the NSFW version of Episode 4: Conspiracy Theory

Episode 5: St. Patrick’s Day

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and the drinks are going green for a little St. Paddy’s fun…until Beer Glass starts on his conspiracy theories again!

Watch the NSFW version of Episode 5: St. Patrick’s Day

Episode 6: The Beautiful Game

Join the glasses at the bar as Hurricane complains of her lack of dating options and runs into some British pints who are visiting for the soccer game!

Watch the NSFW version of Episode 6: The Beautiful Game

Episode 7: Websurfing

The drinks have turned into swiping fools as they have a little dating app fun and Hurricane gets herself flustered accusing Tom and Beer of objectifying female glasses!

Watch the NSFW version of Episode 7: Websurfing

Episode 8: Guijoso

In this latest episode of Edgy Presents, we join the glasses back at the bar and they’re entertaining disgruntled royalty who has been knocked down a few pegs!

Watch the NSFW version of Episode 8: Guijoso

Watch all of the NSFW Edgy Brothers Presents Episodes

Want to check out all of the NSFW episodes and subscribe for new and upcoming episodes? Head over to Patreon and get access to the NSFW versions (we think these versions add that little extra something…)

Don’t Want to Miss A Moment of Chris Edgerly and David Edgerly’s Newest Venture?

If you don’t want to miss a single episode and can’t get enough of Edgy Brothers Presents, head over to Patreon and become a patron! For just a buck, you can support Chris and his brother in continuing to develop the Edgy Brothers Presents series, plus, as a patron, you get access to the NSFW completely uncensored episodes of the series too!