We know you've heard plenty of Scarface impressions in your time, but Chris Edgerly is taking it to whole new heights today with "Pathface" AKA Apex Legends Pathfinder with an attitude! Just be warned, this video clip is definitely not safe for work!

Scarface Impressions: Chris Edgerly Plays as "Pathface" (NSFW)

If you've been tuning in for the past few weeks then you've undoubtedly caught some of Chris's Apex Legends adventures as he plays Pathfinder with a variety of voiceover styles. If you haven't had a chance to check them out yet you can find them here:

In today's video clip we watch as Chris gets his team members laughing before he even hits the ground. Once his feet do touch the ground, though, he's off running and he runs straight for that look. Unfortunately for him, he gets beaten to the punch and when he finds the stashbox empty the language gets a little colorful, Scarface style!

Although Chris has everyone laughing as "Pathface" this, sadly, isn't one of his better games and by the end of the clip, we see his team go out with Chris tallying zero kills! Just when he was starting to rack up those achievements things took a turn for the worst. Not to worry, though, because even with zero kills, watching Chris play Apex Legends as "Pathface" is still incredibly entertaining.

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If you are interested in playing against Chris Edgerly in Apex Legends, just look for "TheEdgeVoice" when you hop on for live gameplay!

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