It's no secret that Apex Legends Pathfinder is voiced by Chris Edgerly, but recently, Chris has been having a little gaming fun and narrating his gameplay in the style of a variety of well-known personalities. If you haven't caught the past videos of Chris playing Apex Legends while showing off his vocal talents, you can find them here:

If you have been keeping up with Chris Edgerly's gaming adventures and you're ready for this week's video installment, here's what you've been waiting for!

Apex Legends Pathfinder: Chris Edgerly Plays as Milton from "Office Space"

In this week's video gaming clip we hear Chris taking on Apex Legends with Pathfinder, but today, he's not just playing as Chris, he's playing as Milton from "Office Space". Milton, the red Swingline stapler owning oddball in "Office Space" is definitely a fan favorite and Chris has his voice down to a t!

Sadly, although Chris has Milton's voice down pat, he doesn't quite have the gameplay in hand this time around. Just seconds after hitting the ground and grabbing a gun, he comes face to face with another player and an incredibly painful beating takes place. Despite Chris having a gun in hand and shooting towards his target, his unarmed opponent uses his bare hands to throw Chris's character down and with a swift stomp, poor Pathfinder is exterminated.

Heading back into the game, Chris (as Milton) blames the size of his gun for his extermination, but it's only seconds later when his entire squad is eliminated from the game.

Although today's clip shows Chris taking quite a beating, we have to say that his Apex Legends gameplay has come a long way, baby! For those of you that have followed Chris's gameplaying experience from day one, you'll recall that it took multiple games and a lot of colorful language before he got that first kill. As he has gained more experience, Chris seldom gets taken out as quickly as he did in today's round!

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If you are interested in playing against Chris Edgerly in Apex Legends, just look for "TheEdgeVoice" when you hop on for live gameplay!

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