The official Chris Edgerly Mixer page is now live and your favorite voice actor wasted no time in compiling hours of his Apex Legends gameplay with fans! You can check out the Chris Edgerly Mixer page here.

Chris Edgerly Mixer Page: Pathfinder Plays Apex Legends with Fans!

By now it's no secret that Chris loves to have a little fun with his Apex Legends character, Pathfinder. Recently, he has been taking things to a new level as he plays the game as Pathfinder while giving the automaton the opportunity to try on a variety of famous voices. If you haven't had the chance to check out that footage yet, take a look at these recent posts that include some great video clips!

If you've been following the most recent video clips on Chris's YouTube channel then you'll also know that he loves to interact with his fans while playing Apex Legends. Well recently, Chris decided to pick up his controller and join forces with some of his fans. You can check out a clip of some of this footage below!

If you're interested in playing Apex Legends with Chris just keep your eye out for "TheEdgeVoice" when you're playing and give him a shout out! You don't have to give him your armor, but you do have to give him the Pathfinder character because...well, what would Pathfinder be without the voice of Pathfinder?

Looking for more gaming footage of Chris Edgerly playing Apex Legends? Keep an eye on the Chris Edgerly Mixer page. When he isn't in the booth voicing some of your favorite characters, you can also catch Chris in live gameplay when you log in to play online and you won't have to watch the gameplay, you can take part in it too!

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